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Fotospeed Profiling Service

All devices capable of displaying colour do so using their own interpretation. Therefore they are all different. Walk into a TV showroom and watch a row of screens all showing the same channel but displaying different colour. Each is interpreting colour its own individual way. The same is true of computer monitors and, more crucially, inkjet printers. This individual interpretation is the reason you (quite likely) don’t get what you see on screen represented on your paper output.

Colour Management

Implementing colour management ensures that your colour maintains its integrity from capture through to output. By implementing ICC profiling at the printing stage of the process, coupled with calibration and profiling of your monitor you can ensure that your colour is carried from source to destination independent of the devices being used and with total accuracy. Fotospeed can provide a bespoke profiling service that will guarantee accurate, consistent colour throughout your output process.

Colour Profiles

A profile is quite simply a description (a label or tag) of the way a device handles colour. For instance, each time you take a picture with your digital camera, your camera will embed a profile within each image file. This profile is a description of the colour within that image file.

Generic Profiles

Until now Fotospeed hadn’t offered generic profiles as they considered generic profiles to be hit and miss whether it produces accurate results as batch to batch older models of printer have inconsistent print heads. The more recent models of Epson printer including models R3000 R2880 and Pro 3880 have however rectified these inconsistent print heads and chances are, our generic profiles will be perfectly suitable for these models. So, by popular demand Fotospeed can now offer generic profiles for  the majority of Epson Semi-professional and professional printers and for all of our Fotospeed brand papers.

Click to view Fotospeed’s Generic Profiles then to find your desired profile you must have the following information to hand: the printer model, the ink type and finally which paper you have. All instructions for the use of profiles will be found within the zip file.

Customised Profiles

Fotospeed also offer a custom ICC Profile service.  This is highly recommended as it will be tailored to your exact needs. This service is offered for all Fotospeed papers. Custom ICC profiles provide the vital link to total colour management ensuring that your system (printer, paper & ink) works ‘in harmony’ providing accurate, consistent colour. The benefits are increased production, reduced frustration and significant cost savings both in time and money through the reduced need to make test prints. Additionally, a profile will usually result in less ink being required.

It couldn’t be easier to start to colour manage your workflow. When you buy any Fotospeed paper, simply follow the steps below. All you need to do is print the test chart on your selected Fotospeed paper following these instructions. When you send your test print back to us, we will scan it and generate a profile specific to that type of paper and your printing system. We will also provide you with a set of installation and printing instructions so you can use your bespoke profile to enjoy consistent, accurate colour output. There is no limit to the number of profiles you can have, simply follow this process for each Fotospeed paper you buy.  Click to watch our instructional videos that will walk you through the process.

How to Obtain and Use the Fotospeed profiling pack

  1. Email requesting the profiling pack
  2. Follow the simple instructions.
  3. Post your charts to Fotospeed.
  4. Fotospeed will scan your charts and create your Free Custom ICC Profile and email it back to you.
  5. Follow the instructions to install your Free Custom ICC Profile and enjoy accurate, consistent colour output!

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