Film & Outlab Services

Outsource Film Processing, Video Transfer, Dye Sub work & more!

Finding a reliable, one stop wholesale supplier for your low volume, high margin customer orders like film processing, premium books, dye sub and other work is becoming increasingly difficult. The good news is Bob Ramsay and his team in Melbourne can help you offer and even promote a growing range of specialist services without the need for investing additional capital or the worry of getting a return on your investment.

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Film Processing

Film processing from Photo Direct

14 Reasons to outsource your Film Processing Service
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  • Still a highly profitable service for photo businesses
  • Single-use cameras are driving demand
  • Helps underpin your competitive positioning in the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers in your market
  • Film Processing is seen as a valued service and helps drive customer loyalty
  • It generates word of mouth recommendations and ultimately sets you apart as the place to go for all things photographic
  • It enables you to transition more seamlessly from a wet to dry lab environment.
  • An outsourced film processing service provides the perfect answer to maintaining sales and customer relationships.
  • The Digital Imaging Network has all the people, systems and latest equipment to receive, track, process and promptly return your film processing orders.
  • Free up valuable floor space and stop dumping chemistry
  • It’s much quicker than mailing both ways and best of all your customers’ orders are printed at your store giving you more margin and complete control over print quality.
  • Best of all with our service there’s no upfront costs to get started.
  • An easy and affordable way to get back to servicing your customers’ needs without any capital outlay.
  • There is no minimum number of films you have to commit to.
  • No matter what brand of lab (Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Epson, Noritsu, DNP) you operate the Digital Imaging Network can professionally service you and your customers’ needs.

Dye Sub Products

Dye sub products from Photo Direct

With fast turn-around times and friendly service Bob’s team can help you fulfill a range of gift ideas including coffee cups, mouse-mats,  jigsaw puzzles, coasters and more.




Premium Photo Books

Premium photo books from Photo Direct

DIN offers a wide range of premium personalised cover photobooks to match the varying needs of your customers. Place your orders for these fantastic- looking photobooks through the DIN team and enjoy:

  • Priority turnaround on every job
  • Attractive wholesale rates
  • Marketing support to help increase demand
  • Prompt, reliable delivery service

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