HP Designjet T520 ePrinter

Reliable, accurate, and easy to use—this large-format, web-connected printer is a great investment for your studio. Grow your business with the T540 – a convenient, large-format printer that allows you to work and print from virtually anywhere.

HP Designjet T520 ePrinter Features

  • 4 color system (CMYK)
  • Print speed : up to 35 sec for an A1 size document
  • Exacting details with 0.02mm minimum line width and 0.1% line accuracy
  • 1GB RAM and HP-GL/2
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Access/print documents away from office using Eprint&Share
  • 24inch (610MM) base model (A1 size)
  • 36inch (914mm) base model: (AO size)
This printer is available on the HP SmartClick programme!
With HP SmartClick, companies pay a set price for each millilitre of ink used, with no additional service and support cost. The three-year contract is estimated to reduce costs by up to 40%.
Read more on HP’s SmartClick programme.

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