Roland VersaUV LEC-540 UV Printer Cutter

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Unlimited Versatility: print, varnish, emboss, crease, contour and perf cut all in one device with unmatched media compatibility

VersaUV LEC-540 UV Printer Cutter

The Roland VersaUV LEC-540 printer cutter is a top of the line dynamic printer and cutter combination that offers the ability to print CMYK plus white and clear for special effects on a variety of substrates. The LEC-540 is the world’s first printer cutter combination that utilizes safe low heat LED lamps. With the use of Roland ECO-UV Inks, this wide format printer produces high quality colors and textures with unmatched finishes. With a 54” print width, the LEC can automatically crease, contour cut and perf-cut any shape with ultimate accuracy.


The LEC-540 offers superior versatility that is unrivaled by any comparable product. It prints CMYK + White + Clear Coat and contour cuts on an unmatched number of substrates. The LEC is an ideal option to save on the costs associated with press downtime. Most commercial printing shops have to take printers offline to print a proof or prototype, dramatically reducing productivity. THE LEC eliminates these associated costs and downtime by allowing shops to keep larger presses online for mass printing while using the LEC to produce realistic proofs.

The LEC-540 is an ideal tool for short run label production. With a capability for variable data printing, you can print a hundred labels, each with different text and artwork. Adding different serial numbers for prototype printing has never been easier.

The LEC-540 can print on a variety of substrates including cardboard and leather. It has the capability to print high gloss or textures finishes to product a variety of effects on dozens of media types.

Combined Print and Cut Features

LEC-540 eliminates the need to reload printed graphics. The LEC-540’s integrated printer cutter allows users to contour cut or perforate graphics on a variety of substrates, without having to reposition the graphic. The LEC can also crease graphics when the cutting tool is removed to make easy to fold designs. These combined printing and cutting design makes for an increase in production and can therefore dramatically reduce costs.

Decreased Production Time

In addition to its integrated print and cut features, the LEC also increases productivity with its unique features designed to expedite printing speeds. The LEC comes equipped with larger UV LED lamps, and six high-precision print heads and can print at a speed of up to 11.7 sq m./hr. High speed does not affect its quality printing however, as each print mode has been methodically designed to ensure optimum print quality without banding.

Innovative Technology

The low heat UV LED lamps utilized on the LEC-540 allows printing on heat-sensitive media and pressure sensitive media, so it has the capability to even print on media like shrink wrap. Unlike conventional LED lamps that can reach temperatures above 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the VersaUV LED lamps generate low heat, and eliminate the damage that can be caused by conventionally hot lamps. The VersaUV LED lamps last up to ten times longer than conventional LED lamps and will last up to 10,000 hours for ultimate durability.

The curing system on the LEC is unlike any other, with its unprecedented arrangement of the LED lights. The configuration allows for a choice of matte or gloss finishes. By staggering the LED lights, the user can choose clear coat, which activates only the right lamp, or matte coat, which activates both lamps. The technology allows for flexibility in finishing options.

The LEC also includes an automated take up system which comes preassembled and can be used unattended when operating roll printing.

ecoUVEnvironmentally Friendly ECO-UV Ink

The LEC-540 utilizes ECO-UV ink in CMYK + White + Clear and can be configured into three ink combinations including; CMYK + White + Clear, CMYK + White + White, or CMYK + Clear + Clear.

CMYK + White + Clear can be used on a variety of applications including labels, prototypes, and textured graphics.

The CMYK + White + White can be used to produce white text and graphics, and also as an underlayment to produce brighter colored prints. The white ink in the CMYK + White + White configuration produces an opacity that is 1.5 times more opaque than standard white, without overprinting. Advanced technology in the LEC prevents settling of white ink with its Automatic Ink Circulation system, which circulates the ink every eight hours. The system also reduces waste by monitoring and preventing ink discharge, and reduces maintenance and labor that decrease productivity

The ECO-UV Clear has a remarkable capability to produce clear gloss, special effects, and textured graphics. The CMYK + Clear + Clear mode can produce three dimensional designs at a must faster rate than other modes.

The ECO-UV’s provides more than just excellent color and graphics. The ink is also extremely durable in both indoor and outdoor applications, lasting up to two years outdoors. It’s chemical and scratch resistant qualities are dramatically increased by the ECO-UV clear when applied as a topcoat.

The ECO-UV ink can be adhered to a multitude of substrates. It is fast drying and flexible and will provide a pristine application, even around curved edges, and without cracking.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

The LEC-540 is considered an environmentally friendly product because it requires far less energy than comparable UV printers at just a 370W requirement. The LEC can be plugged into an outlet, and does not require any additional power source to operate. The LEC enters a low power mode automatically when not in use, dramatically reducing energy use and costs. The design not only saves money, but also significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses which lowers your carbon footprint. Also contributing to its eco-friendly label, is the light source used on the LEC which is one hundred percent ozone free.

VersaWorks RIP SoftwareVersaWorks RIP Software

LEC-540 features a unique software, the VersaWorks RIP, which was exclusively designed for Roland products. This Adobe Postscript 3 RIP produces exceptional output with an easy-to-use process. It is compatible with windows 7, XP, Vista and 2000.

The VersaWorks software functions uses the Roland Color System and Roland Texture Library which can produce one thousand spot colors and seventy textures that can be used on projects by layering the LEC clear coat. With the Roland Color System and the Roland Texture Library, the combination of possibilities are endless.

Another unique function of VersaWorks RIP, is that it can be used simultaneously with up to four different printing devices. VersaWorks also monitors ink levels and printing time for easy cost and time monitoring.Roland Three Years Heads 'n All extended warranty


Roland products are known for exceptional reliability. As proof of its dependability, Roland offers a Three Years Heads and All extended warranty on the LEC-540 printer.

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