Roland VersaUV LEF-12 Benchtop UV Printer

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One of the most advanced and affordable benchtop UV printers in its class. Able to directly print on a vast array of substrates and even three-dimensional items, including giftware, awards, packaging, prototypes, and promotional and industrial products.

VersaUV LEF-12 Benchtop UV Printer

VersaUV LEF-12 Benchtop UV Printer is an affordable benchtop printer that can print on substrates of almost four inches thick. The LEF has a print area of twelve inches by eleven inches, and can even print on three dimensional objects such as cell phone covers, laptops, pens and thumb drives. The LEF can produce stunning graphics and dimensional effects on a vast variety of applications, making it a highly adaptable printing device. The LEF is the only benchtop printer that is fully enclosed, which safely reduces risks to the skin and eyes caused by UV lights. Also, being fully enclosed means less ink odor.

Advanced UV LED Curing System

The VersaUV LEF-12 utilizes a UV LED lamp that lasts ten times longer than conventional UV lamps, with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours. In addition, the UV LED lamps on the LEF are low-heat, and energy efficient. The LED lamps on the LEF eliminates risks such as damaged substrates and deformed media that occur with conventional LED lamps, which heat to over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The LEF utilizes an instant on/off function which means lamps can be turned on and off instantly. Also, the lamps on the LEF are ready for use immediately once turned on, reducing production time.

The LEF employs an unparalleled curing system which allows for a choice of matte or gloss finishes using the clear coat on a variety of substrates. The low heat LED lamps permits for printing on even electronic devices and plastic, without damage.

Environmentally Friendly Ink

The LEF is configured with CMYK + White + Clear ECO UV Inks. The configuration provides a high color density for exceptional printing. With CMYK + White + White mode, an opacity of 1.5 times more than normal white is achieved, creating an excellent underlayment for brighter graphics, or used for text and graphics alone. The technology in the LEF prevents settling of white ink with Roland’s Automatic Ink Circulation system, which circulates the ink every eight hours. The system also reduces waste by monitoring and preventing ink discharge, and reduces maintenance and labor that decrease productivity.

roland_ecouvinkThe clear coat can be built up to achieve three dimensional graphics with textures such as crocodile skin or faux leather. With the CMYK + Clear + Clear three dimensional graphics are produced twice as fast as the normal ink mode.

The ECO-UV’s excellent color and graphic capacities is not it’s only highlight. The ECO-UV ink adheres to virtually any application including PVC, wood, acrylic, and plastic. The ink is also extremely durable in both indoor and outdoor applications, lasting up to two years outdoors. It’s chemical and scratch resistant qualities are dramatically increased by the ECO-UV clear when applied as a topcoat. ECO UC ink has unmatched flexibility and can be stretched and applied around curves and edges without cracking.

roland_versaworksVersaWorks RIP Software

LEJ features a unique software, the VersaWorks RIP, which was exclusively designed for Roland products. This Adobe Postscript 3 RIP produces exceptional output with an easy-to-use process. It is compatible with windows 7, XP, Vista and 2000.

The VersaWorks software functions uses the Roland Color System and Roland Texture Library which can produce one thousand spot colors and seventy textures that can be used on projects by layering the LEJ clear coat. With the Roland Color System and the Roland Texture Library, the combination of possibilities are endless.

Another unique function of VersaWorks RIP, is that it can be used simultaneously with up to four different printing devices.

Unmatched Roland Technology & Support

The LEF comes with peace of mind, operating with Roland ingenuity and OnSupport Production Assistance. Roland offers the same excellent features on all products and the LEF is no different. It’s made to be extremely reliable, with considerably less maintenance than comparable products. It also offers seamless connection technology that allows easy connection to office networks without additional software.

The quality assurance with any Roland product is unparalleled. With OnSupport, an online customer support system, users can track the status of production remotely. It also sends email reminders and alerts for optimal monitoring and support.

Laser Alignment System

The LEF contains a built-in laser alignment system that allows users to quickly set up different materials. There are two methods utilized to set the laser’s point of origin. The first is the two point references which uses the lower right and upper left corner for reference points. The other is used more commonly for circular, curved or odd shaped items and requires users to manually input dimension. Both methods allow for accurate image placement.

Mist Filters

The LEF comes fitted with mist filters that help catch residual mist that can be sprayed while printing on curved objects. The filters reduce overspray and protects the printer’s internal components. The mist filters on the LEF are replaceable.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

The LEF is considered an environmentally friendly product because it requires far less energy than comparable UV printers. The LEF enters a reduced power mode when not in use for an extended period of time. The LEF can be plugged into an outlet, and does not require any additional power source to operate. The design not only saves money, but also significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses which lowers your carbon footprint.


The LEF has been designed with safety in mind. The fully enclosed system protects the user from UV lights which can cause damage to the skin and eyes. Conventional UV curing equipment exposes users to cancer causing UV radiation and lung damaging ozone. The LED on the LEF is ozone free and only emits UV-A which is a safer UV than UV-B and UV-C, which standard printers release.


Roland products are known for exceptional reliability. As proof of its dependability, Roland offers a Three Years Heads and All extended warranty on the LEF-12.


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