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Hybrid versatility: print CMYK, white and clear coat with award-winning VersaUV technology on virtually any substrate up to 13mm thick for graphics that really stand out

The LEJ-640 is a sixty-four inch hybrid UV flatbed printer that offers award winning technology to produce top quality white, clear and colored graphics on almost any media type. It features a roll to roll mechanism for managing roll media, and front and rear folding tables for printing on rigid materials up to a half inch thick. Its remarkable technology allows the LEJ to print on hundreds of different media types with ease.

The LEJ-640 is a large format hybrid printer that can be used with roll and flat substrates. By finishing the product with multiple layers of clear coating and with customized patterns and embossing, the LEJ-640 produces striking, high quality graphics that is unmatched by any other printer in its class.

Unmatched Roland Technology & Support

The LEJ-640 comes with peace of mind, operating with Roland ingenuity and OnSupport Production Assistance. Roland offers the same excellent features on all products and the LEJ-640 is no different. It’s made to be extremely reliable, with considerably less maintenance than comparable products. It also offers seamless connection technology that allows easy connection to office networks without additional software.

The quality assurance with any Roland product is unparalleled. With OnSupport, an online customer support system, users can track the status of production remotely. It also sends email reminders and alerts for optimal monitoring and support.

VersaUV LEJ-640 Hybrid UV Flatbed Printer from Photo Direct

Innovative Technology

The LEJ-640 can print on BOPP, PE, PET, film, shrink wrap, and hundreds of other materials. Most LED lamps can reach temperatures above 800 degrees Celsius, which can cause damage to the substrate and deformation to the media. The LEJ-640 uses low heat VersaUV LED, so it can print on heat sensitive and pressure sensitive media applications without damaging the product. The VersaUV LED lamps in the LEJ-640 are high quality and built to last over 10,000 hours. In addition, the LEJ-640 can also print on rigid materials such as; textiles, leather, cardboard, polycarbonate sheets and a variety of other applications up to half an inch thick.

The LED lamps in the LEJ-640, unlike other printers, can be instantly shut off and on and do not require any warm up time prior to printing, which saves ample time in the printing process.

The curing system on the LEJ-640 is unlike any other, with its unprecedented arrangement of the LED lights. The configuration allows for a choice of matte or gloss finishes. By staggering the LED lights, the user can choose clear coat, which activates only the right lamp, or matte coat, which activates both lamps. The technology allows for flexibility in finishing options.

The LEJ-640 also includes an automated take up system which comes pre-assembled and can be used unattended when operating roll printing.

LEJ-640 comes with Roland’s patent pending Pass Control technology, which utilizes a process of precise dot placement between passes. This control produces unmatched performance in all resolutions. The innovated technology produces high quality enhanced images at significantly higher speeds.

The extraction unit is an available option to be utilized with the LEJ-640. The unit extracts odors with a carbon filter, making the working environment more comfortable.

VersaWorks RIP Software

LEJ features a unique software, the VersaWorks RIP, which was exclusively designed for Roland products. This Adobe Postscript 3 RIP produces exceptional output with an easy-to-use process. It is compatible with windows 7, XP, Vista and 2000.

The VersaWorks software functions uses the Roland Color System and Roland Texture Library which can produce one thousand spot colors and seventy textures that can be used on projects by layering the LEJ clear coat. With the Roland Color System and the Roland Texture Library, the combination of possibilities are endless.

Another unique function of VersaWorks RIP, is that it can be used simultaneously with up to four different printing devices. VersaWorks also monitors ink levels and printing time for easy cost and time monitoring.

Environmentally Friendly Ink

Using environmentally friendly ECO-UV ink, LEJ-640 offers the most versatile ink combinations including (CMYK + White + Clear), (CMYK + White + White), and (CMYK + Clear + Clear). The multitude of ink configurations can be used on a wide variety of applications including textured graphics.

White ink allows users to print on clear and colored substrates, creating a bold design that stands out. The white ink produced with the ECO-UV ink in the LEJ-640 has the capability to produce an opacity that is unmatched by any other printer, without overprinting. Advanced technology in the LEJ-640 prevents settling of white ink with its Automatic Ink Circulation system, which circulates the ink every eight hours. The system also reduces waste by monitoring and preventing ink discharge, and reduces maintenance and labor that decrease productivity.

The ECO-UV clear stands out with the LEJ-640, by producing unique texture effects such as leather and high glass finishes. When clear is combined with CMYK, built-up 3-D designs can be achieved quickly and proficiently.
The ECO-UV’s excellent color and graphic capacities is not it’s only highlight. The ink is also extremely durable in both indoor and outdoor applications, lasting up to two years outdoors. It’s chemical and scratch resistant qualities are dramatically increased by the ECO-UV clear when applied as a topcoat.

The ECO-UV ink can be adhered to a multitude of substrates. It’s fast drying and flexible capabilities ensures a pristine application, even around curved edges, without cracking.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

The LEJ-640 is considered an environmentally friendly product because it requires far less energy than comparable UV printers. The LEJ can be plugged into an outlet, and does not require any additional power source to operate. The design not only saves money, but also significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses which lowers your carbon footprint. Also contributing to its eco-friendly label, is the light source used on the LEJ which is one hundred percent ozone free.


Roland products are known for exceptional reliability. As proof of its dependability, Roland offers a Three Years Heads and All extended warranty on the LEJ-640 printer.

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