ez Share Wi-Fi Memory Cards

No fuss, no hassles with ez Share

ez Share Wi-Fi Memory Cards allows the user to wirelessly transfer photos directly from their camera to laptop, tablet or smartphone via the memory card’s in-built Wi-Fi hotspot.

NO Internet connection required – NO modem required – NO software required!

Featuring its own in-built wireless capability, the ez Share Wi-Fi card offers bloggers, journalists, pro photographers and camera enthusiasts the ideal solution when seeking a hassle-free, super-fast, storage and transfer SD card.

Voted a PMA HOT PICKS winner at the 2012 Digital Image Show, this amazing 8GB card requires no Internet connection or client software.

ez Share enables the user to take photos or video and wirelessly transfer those files to smart terminals such as tablets, smart phones and laptops instantly during shooting.

Photos and videos captured via ez Share can be viewed, downloaded, saved, and uploaded to social networking sites using wi-fi enabled smart terminals.

ez Share’s state-of-the-art technology application is very powerful and useful in pro applications where fast file transfer speed is required. Specs include a peak transfer speed of 1.5MB/second and the card will support up to 5 users simultaneously.

ez Share carries its own wireless network so it is not necessary to be in a Wi-Fi zone for it to work. This makes it ideal for use by photographers and videographers shooting on location.

ez Share does not require any complicated network set-up process. Simply plug and play. This makes it ideal for everyday consumers. No networking knowledge is required.

Function ez Share
Wireless Transfer SpeedPeak: 1.5MB/s Average: 1MB/s.
Power Saving ModeEasy switch to turn-on and turn-off share-mode, thereby saving DC/DV power.
Wireless Work ModeNo external wireless network required. Can view and download pictures anytime, anywhere.
Multi-user AccessSupports access by up to 5 users simultaneously. Password protected for your security.
Remote Transfer ModeSupports remote transfer by relaying DC and DV files directly to terminals. No data servers required.
Client SoftwareNo client software required.
Friendly-UIAuto fits to different screen size. Gives the best user-friendly interface.
Indoor and Outdoor UseDedicated network means less interference from other wifi networks . Range 10M indoor, 30M outdoor.
Easy to UseNo user configuration required. Simply insert, shoot and share.
SpecificationsInterface Type SDHC2.0
Wireless Standards IEEE802.11b/g/n
R/W Speed Class6(STD)/Class10(Customizable)
Applications Digital Camera, Digital Video, DSLR or other devices with SDHC slot; or Compact Flash with compatible CF-SD adaptor
Files Supported: JPEG/RAW/AVI/MP4/MOV, etc
Browsers Supported: Safari/IE/OPERA/Chrome/UC