Bindomatic Thermal Binding Advantage

Whether you are a corporation, a small business or an individual, our Bindomatic covers and thermal binding machines allow you to make a definitive positive impression the first time. Whether you need one copy or a 1000, we have the binding machine to produce superior, professionally bound – looking documents. You can create bound documents in-house, On Demand and in Real Time, quickly and simply. By empowering business men and women with an innovative and patented Bindomatic machine and document binding process, we are putting print-shop quality, perfect bound documents at your fingertips.

Bindomatic Thermal Binding Advantage

Professional Impression

The Bindomatic concept was developed with that vital first impression in mind! Office reports, abstracts, presentations, business proposals etc. all benefit from being presented bound in a good looking cover. Bindomatic document finishing system accommodate a wide array of such covers.


At Bindomatic, our goal has always been to help customers produce perfect bindings at the fastest rate with our trademarked document binding machines and systems. We have designed a line of superior binding systems to work with digital printers, ensuring maximum finishing output, from beginning to end.

Technology & Innovation

Blend the top-notch technology in our thermal binding machines with the unique design of our document covers, ensuring a secure, perfectly bound document every time. Every cover is designed to work with our patented thermal binding method and meet archival quality standards, available in both soft and hard covers.


A good reason for selecting Bindomatic binding covers: Bindomatic is Eco-friendly.

Bindomatic thermal binding glue is safe and non toxic.

The Bindomatic Range