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What is an upsell and how can it boost your business?

What is an upsell and how can it boost your business?

Business and sales go hand-in-hand — but there’s one type of sale that costs less to secure and can significantly boost a business’ bottom line. Upselling means encouraging customers to buy more than they originally planned, often by adding discounted add-ons. But is upselling a good fit for your business? What can upselling mean for your business?

First, upselling requires balance, or businesses can scare off customers with higher prices. Done wrong, an upsell can leave customers feeling like the deal had “strings attached.” But, done well by you or your staff, upselling can boost sales and help turn first-time customers into long-time customers.

Upsells should be discounted products related to the original purchase, suggests entrepreneur Neil Patel. Without the discount or another compelling reason to add the other product or service, customers may just opt to wait since they weren’t planning on buying that item. A discount encourages the customer to add the product now instead of later and can help avoid the “strings attached” feeling.

Keeping the second product or service related to the first is also important and works well with items that are typically needed together or wanted together. A print shop, for example, can also sell custom framing to finish off that print. For a service oriented business, a wedding photographer can offer engagement photos as an add-on or offer discounted anniversary sessions for previous customers.

Some upsells are completed during the purchase — like when you buy from an electronics store and they ask if you’d like to add a warranty. Other businesses approach upsells after the actual sale. For example, an online store can send customers a coupon immediately after their order, with a deadline to use that coupon to add to his or her order before it ships. Emailing customers after the sale with a special offer, related to the item they just purchased, is another form of upselling that can also be successful for many different types of businesses.

Another form of upselling isn’t an odd-on product, but encouraging customers to buy a higher-end product then the one they originally came to the store for. Discounts can help sway customers here too.

Upselling is favoured by businesses because it can help turn customers into long-time fans and boost the bottom line. However, your business needs to approach the upsell appropriately, or customers could be uneasy about even the original intended purpose. With a focus on discounted related products or discounted upgrades, however, your business can successfully create an upsell program that benefits both your customer and your business.

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5 Retail Trends for Small Business in Australia to Watch in 2019

5 Retail Trends for Small Business in Australia to Watch in 2019

The retail space is constantly evolving, adapting to meet new technologies and changing with the demands of consumers. 2019 will be no different. So what retail trends should small business owners in Australia stay on top of in the New Year? What trends can businesses integrate to grow in 2019? Here are five ideas, predicted from the Retail Doctor Group, on 2019 retail trends.

Technology will influence sales from smart phones, subscriptions and voice control.

Technology trends often influence retail sales and 2019 is no exception. Smart phones are continuing to takeover a majority of online sales, so small businesses need to ensure any online ordering platform is mobile friendly. Subscriptions through online stores are also predicted to grow, and could spark ideas for growth for small business. A photo / print shop, for example, can run a subscription special for a monthly set of keepsake prints or photo-albums covering that month’s milestones.

Retail focus continues to shift.

Consumers are placing more importance on factors like experience over the actual product, RDG suggests. “Boring” stores will lose sales, the group says. Curation and customisation will help retail shops stand out from the competition and feel a little less boring so do something about this and NOW”.

Convenience shouldn’t be overestimated.

Customers often pick where to shop for convenience, like a brick and mortar store’s proximity, or the easy online ordering system. 2019 is a good time to make sure your online store is simple, and your hours convenient and easy to find online. Brainstorm ways to make ordering more convenient for your customers, and you’ll likely reap the rewards.

Data is king.

Personalisation and convenience is important — and data is the way to determine just what that means for your particular customers. Gathering data through customer rewards programs, surveys and studies can help retailers tailor their business experience to their particular customer.

Specialisation is a good thing.

Good news for small business — RDG predicts specification is better than generalisation in 2019. Most small businesses are already smaller speciality shops — but businesses can brainstorm ways to highlight this specialisation over the course of the next year.

Some predictions will make a bigger splash beyond 2019 rather than steady growth this year — trends like robotics and machine learning are just coming onto the retail scene, but likely aren’t at a spot for adoption by small businesses just yet. Pinpointing the latest retail trends can help businesses understand what customers are looking for and where to focus for improvements in 2019.

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5 Ideas to Increase Post-Holiday Sales in January

5 Ideas to Increase Post-Holiday Sales in January

The holidays have come and gone and the calendar has turned to a new year — and with it, the holiday shopping season has dissipated. For many businesses, January is a month of slow sales. Consumers overspent during the holidays and aren’t as actively shopping. But businesses shouldn’t just cross their fingers and ride out the slow season. Here are five ideas to increase post-holiday sales in January.

Encourage gift card spending (and exchanges).

After the holidays, consumers may have several gift cards to spend. Encourage them to spend during the slow season with sales and social media campaigns. Consider post-holiday needs and run a special focused on that. For example, print shops can offer discounted album for customers to print of their images from the Christmas-New Years season.

For retailers, January is often the biggest time for returns and exchanges. Push for the latter with specials, well-placed product displays, and excellent customer service.

Launch a unique marketing campaign.

Combat slow sales with a January marketing campaign. Brainstorm ideas for an unusual sale, new product, or social media campaign. If you’ve always wanted to try a video campaign on social media, for example, now is the time to try.

Businesses can also begin focusing on the next holiday. Photographers, for example, can run specials ahead of Easter or Mother’s Day.

Host an event or contest.

In the slowdown after the holiday, why not create your own reason to get customers in the store? A contest or event is often a great way to boost a business during a slow down. Host an event to battle the winter blues. Run a giveaway on social media. Encourage customers to come into the store with in-person contest entries.

Reach out to holiday shoppers.

If you’ve been collecting emails and information from holiday shoppers, now is a good time to use it. Follow up with holiday shoppers and reach out with an exclusive offer, just for previous customers. Word the email like a friend, not a business — ask about their holidays before launching into any sales materials. Be sure to keep emails short and infrequent — no one likes junk mail.

Focus on ways to improve while shopping is slow.

Sometimes, a slow down is exactly what a business needs. If that’s you, instead of focusing on reversing the slow down, take the time to take a breather, and work on business tasks that can’t be tackled during the busy season. Update your website. Plan social media posts ahead of time.  Improve the appearance of your store. Invest in new tools to help your business run smoothly. Take the time to service equipment, like printers and computers.

The holidays may be over, but the work never stops for small businesses. To fight the slow season, try new ways to bring customers in like encouraging gift card spending, launching a campaign, hosting an event, reaching out to previous shoppers, or simply focusing on improvements that can’t be mastered during the busy season.

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Photo Direct Xmas Trading Hours Announcement

Photo Direct Xmas Trading Hours Announcement

Greetings Valued Clients / Partners / Friends,

We would like to advise you of Photo Direct’s trading hours for the Festive period:

  • We are operating and open all days except the official Public Holidays
  • As a General Rule, please allow an extra 3-4 days for stock deliveries due to increased demands on Transport Companies from Mon Dec 10th.
  • Please place for Christmas orders this week to avoid disappointment.

On behalf of the Photo Direct Team we wish you a safe and happy festive period and sincerely thank you for your much valued support and partnering with us over the 2018 year, we look forward to supporting you in 2019.

Ho Ho Ho!

– The Photo Direct Team

5 Seascape Photography Tips from Rachel Talibart and Fotospeed

5 Seascape Photography Tips from Rachael Talibart and Fotospeed

Around 70 percent of the world is covered in water — which gives seascape photographer Rachael Talibart endless creative opportunities. Talibart, a former lawyer and now a respected professional photographer, recently shared tips and insight into her work with Fotospeed. Here are five seascape photography tips photographers can pick up from the interview.

Understand the ocean first.

The ability to predict where and when the best waves will hit is a big part of Rachael’s work. She says winds, tides and structures in the water like cliffs can all impact the look of the waves. While the unpredictability of the sea is one of the UK-based photographer’s favourite parts of her work, planning based on the tide, weather, and location is essential, she says.

Prep your gear.

The unpredictable nature of the ocean means that photographers planning to capture it should always make sure their gear is protected from its salty spray. Even with weather-sealed camera bodies and lenses, a rain cover is a good idea for the more intense storms, Talibart suggests. When working with the ocean, safety should also be the biggest priority, she added.

Look for details.

Many photographers are immediately drawn to that giant coastline and those big waves, but smaller subjects on the seaside can also make excellent subjects. Talibart encourages photographers to look for the smaller details like seashells and rocks. Once you spot the details, she suggests working to get great light or capturing both the movement of the sea and those smaller details.

Create texture with shutter speed.

Talibart’s work is often noted for her textures, from wispy smooth ethereal seascapes to the texture of a sharp sea spray. The key to this, she says, is shutter speed. “The sea is in constant motion and this means your choice of shutter speed may have a profound effect on your photograph,” she wrote. “Very fast speeds will allow you to freeze every droplet, creating a sculptural effect where the water starts to seem more like a solid. Alternatively, long exposures, often requiring filters, will smooth out texture to create a more ethereal mood.”

Never stop trying something new.

With so much time spent at sea, it’s common for strangers to assume Talibart has shot every kind of seascape. But constantly experimenting and looking for something new is essential, Talibart says. Try new techniques to avoid getting stuck in a creative rut, she suggests.

The sea makes an incredible subject for photography — but the vast size and constant changes on seascapes means taming the ocean in a photograph a challenging task. Learning from experts like Talibart gives photographers ready to try out escapes a jump start.

Learn more at the full post from Fotospeed, or learn about our wide selection of Fotospeed papers here.

Canvas Gifts for Christmas

Canvas Gifts for Christmas

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4 Reasons to Recolour Old Photographs Today

4 Reasons to Recolour Old Photographs Today

Colour photographs didn’t become available until the early 1900s and wasn’t widespread until Kodachrome after the late 1930s — which leaves much of our photographic history in black and white. Recolouring old photographs can bring new levels of detail into historic images, whether that’s of family members or town events. But is recolouring photos really that simple? Here are four reasons to consider recolouring your old photos.

Recolouring is photo restoration.

Simply put, recolouring restores an old photograph. Before the recolouring process can even start, that image has to be repaired, fixing scratches and tears as well as correcting the fade that happens naturally over time. A photo must be restored before it can be recoloured.

Once a photo is recoloured today, you now have multiple copies of that image. An original, a restored copy, and a restored coloured copy. That in itself is a reason to recolour, since it’s much harder to loose three copies of an image than one. Once you have the digital file, you can also back the image up on a cloud platform for safekeeping, a great practice for any images that are special to you or your family.

Recolouring old photos is more accurate than you think.

The reason recolouring old photos isn’t an easy choice is that accuracy is questioned — once you recolour an image, isn’t in inaccurate? Is it possible to get the colours right when recolouring old photos? Those are all very valid concerns, but recolouring old photos is actually more accurate than you’d think.

First, recolour artists research. They get as much information as possible about the specific people, objects and other items in the image. When that information isn’t possible to get, research into the time period helps create more accurate recolouring. And even more importantly, recolouring artists understand how to read the light in the image, so even the time of day and weather feels accurate. Fun fact — before coloured film, painters would recolour black and white images.

Recolouring old photos brings out more details.

Details are often lost in the monochrome. When converted, greens and reds look similar, for example. When two differently coloured objects convert to the same shade in black and white, those smaller details are lost. Recoloured images create more contrast, making those details suddenly pop when they were lost in the shades of grey before.

Recolouring old photos isn’t meant to destroy the original image.

Most of all, recolouring images isn’t designed for you to toss out that original image — it’s designed to supplement that image. Recolouring old photos is an excellent way to restore old images, but that restoration allows you to have the intact image in both colour and black and white. You can have your cake and eat it too — or in this case, keep that original faded film and view that same photo in a new light with recolouring.

Recolouring old photographs brings out the details that are otherwise overlooked or forgotten. Recoloured, restored photos make excellent gifts and lifelong family keepsakes.