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Visit Photo Direct at Printex19

We’d love you to see you on stand E06 at Printex19 this August. We will be showcasing our newest products as well as all the popular favourites.

Come and meet the team, grab some samples and chat to us about how we can help your business grow.

Check out our product range here.

Any questions simply call (03) 9894 1644 or email us today

Click Software Update - Hp Designjet Printers

Click Software Update – Hp Designjet Printers

HP have released the latest version of their simple to use CLICK software for use with Designjet Printers.

Make sure you click on the link here to update your software as soon as possible to utilise all the benefits of  your CLICK software.

EASY—Radically simple  printing

  • Enables one-click printing
  • Simple settings
  • Real-print preview
  • Drag and drop multi-page PDF

SAVE—Optimize media  usage and costs

  • Auto-orientation
  • Resizing and alignment
  • Automatic nesting
  • PDF error check

DO MORE—Produce a  wide range of applications

  • From posters and roll-up banners  to CAD drawings and maps
  • Print from Windows, Mac OS  to HP DesignJet and HP PageWide    XL 3900, 4×00 and 5×00 Printer series

Any questions please call us on 03 9894 1644 or email today

photo kiosk receipt printer

Improving our support process

We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service to this end we have implemented a support ticketing process , nothing will change in terms of service delivery.

The ticketing system will record all support requests allowing us to prioritise and close out requests more efficiently.

Email your support request to  you will receive a confirmation with a ticket number . Once the support item has been action you will receive confirmation it has been closed.

You can reopen a ticket at anytime just by replying to the email confirmation you receive.



Photo Direct Xmas Trading Hours Announcement

Photo Direct Xmas Trading Hours Announcement

Greetings Valued Clients / Partners / Friends,

We would like to advise you of Photo Direct’s trading hours for the Festive period:

  • We are operating and open all days except the official Public Holidays
  • As a General Rule, please allow an extra 3-4 days for stock deliveries due to increased demands on Transport Companies from Mon Dec 10th.
  • Please place for Christmas orders this week to avoid disappointment.

On behalf of the Photo Direct Team we wish you a safe and happy festive period and sincerely thank you for your much valued support and partnering with us over the 2018 year, we look forward to supporting you in 2019.

Ho Ho Ho!

– The Photo Direct Team

DGI Type 5 Canvas Certified for HP Latex

DGI Type 5 Canvas Certified for HP Latex

Photo Direct was requested by a high-end print provider to the professional photographic and art reproduction sectors, to create a canvas for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The Brief

  • Suitable for use in the photographic and fine art reproduction markets for both Aqueous and Latex ink sets
  • Greater detail in the lowlight and highlight areas of the Image
  • Enhanced durability so it may be wrapped on the frame without cracking
  • Reduced optical brightener for greater longevity
  • Reduced cotton seed husks
  • Smooth with zero bumps (husks, retied cotton threads)
  • A white canvas to give a neutral colour balance (not yellow)
  • Low price was the last of the requirements

The Result!! Photo Direct’s DGI Premium Canvas Range


  • Durable Polyester/Cotton Blend so it can be wrapped on the frame without cracking and it won’t shrink when printed
  • Acid free coatings and water resistant surfaces to suit pigment inks.
  • Reduced optical brighteners for longer lasting images
  • Greater detail in the black and white areas of the image (detail in the bride’s wedding dress without compromising detail in the groom’s suit jacket)
  • A beautiful weight of 380gsm that works hand in glove with the IG Wrap system to produce a perfect tension across the image


  • Premium canvas to suit the high standards required by the professional photographic market
  • Low cost high quality = better margin
  • Beautiful image surface and fewer reprints so you save money on materials cost
  • Happy customers, optimizing your opportunities for repeat business

Photo Direct has been providing these quality canvas’s for a number of years, in June 2018 our DGI latex Type 5 canvas received the HP Latex Inks Substrates certificate and is now available for selection from the HP Media locator.

High volume users have commented that the canvas handles well and represents exceptional value for money.

To gain certification the canvas was put through rigorous testing by  Colour Concepts in the Netherland , HPs independent testing partner who are world’s largest, independent state-of-the-art profiling and testing lab for the professional digital large format printing industry.

The tests are all objective and cover the following areas:

  • Image Quality including colour gamut and area fill uniformity.
  • Media Printer Interaction. This series of test cover marks, wrinkles , dimensional stability and rewetting
  • Image Handleability. This is the performance of the media when being handled and is tested for scratchability, dry rubbing , wet rubbing , water fastness and ink adhesion.

The testing is exhaustive and Photo Direct decide to submit the canvas for testing to provide a better level of support to our clients.

Yes, quality, speed and efficiency can co-exist: A look at the new HP DesignJet Z6 and Z9+

Yes, quality, speed and efficiency can co-exist: A look at the new HP DesignJet Z6 and Z9+

Choosing a large format printer requires several elements to work together. There’s, of course, the print quality. But, there’s also factors like print speed, ink efficiency, and extra features that help printers, photographers, and other artists deliver high quality work with an efficient budget. With HP’s latest large format series, the company is synchronising hardware, software along with the ink and printing surface to maximise performance in all those categories.

Available beginning June 7th, the HP DesignJet Z6 and Z9+ series encompasses large format printers designed for a mix of high print quality, fast performance and efficient ink usage. How? The hardware and software were designed specifically for each other, allowing the printer to capitalise on quality, speed and efficiency. HP says the printer is designed to keep up with growth in the industry as large photo merchandising jumped by seven percent last year alone.

The HP DesignJet Z6 launches in three variations with a 24-inch, a 44-inch and a 44-inch that adds a vertical trimmer. All three are Postscript printers. The Z9+ series also launches with 24-inch, 44-inch and a 44-inch with a vertical trimmer.

So what’s the difference between the Z6 and Z9? The Z6 series is designed for photo quality prints for a number of different types of prints, while the Z9+ is a Geographical Information Systems printer that works with final images designed to resist moisture and fading. Meanwhile, the option with a vertical trimmer helps boost productivity with 2.5 times the speed.

The series encompasses some of HP’s latest technology, including HP Pixel control for truer colours and dual drop. The series also includes security software to keep data and print information safe. Watch the blog for more details on just how these technologies work together in the new series.

Call Photo Direct (03) 9894 1644 and speak to one of our trained staff members to assist you further. Personal demonstrations are available in our CBD show room – simply call to book an appointment.

Time For An Update: HP DesignJet Has New Driver Downloads Available

Time For An Update: HP DesignJet Has New Driver Downloads Available

HP DesignJet users now have access to new software — HP has recently released several routine driver updates which expand current printers compatibility all through free software. So what’s included and how do you install the new updates? Here’s what HP DesignJet wide format printer owners need to know.

What’s updating?

HP has released three new driver updates, one for Mac and two for Windows. Driver software is the program that allows your computer to communicate with the printers and keeping the software up-to-date can prevent future headaches by ensuring you are using the latest version with newly introduced compatibility and, occasionally, bug fixes.

The latest HP DesignJet Mac PostScript Driver is for Mac OS up to 10.11. The update, which was released on Jan. 31, adds support from the HP DesignJet T930, HP DesignJet T1530 and HP DesignJet T2530 Multifunction, with all the updates applying to those printer series.

The updates for Windows users are similar, each with compatibility for new printer systems. The HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver HP-GL/2 update includes support for the HP DesignJet T1700. The HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver PostScript, software for PostScript printers only, has also been updated to support the same T1700.

Routine updates of the printer driver can help prevent problems down the road. So how do you install the new printer driver updates?

How to install the HP DesignJet Wide Format Printer Driver Updates

For Windows users, with the printer on and no other programs running, users first need to download the driver from HP and select the “save this program to disk option.” Remember where you save the file, since you’ll need to access the file later in the process. Once downloaded, double click on the file to unzip. Then you need to navigate to the Printers Window and head to Start > Settings > Printers. Once there, click on “add a new printer” and the software will walk you through the steps. Make sure to click the “Have Disk” option and you will get a new window that asks you to locate the files you just downloaded — click on the one that ends with “.inf” and click okay and the new software will be installed.

On Mac, the process doesn’t have quite so many steps. After downloading, just double-click on the installer and the computer will walk through the program. Don’t forget to have the printer on during the installation process.

Regular software updates will help keep your printer system running smoothly — and the update only takes a few minutes. Lost somewhere in the update process? Photo Direct is happy to assist with the process — just give us a call and have your printer model number handy.

How to Replace Your Old Printer Without Going Broke With A Trade-In

How to Replace Your Old Printer With A Trade-In (Without Going Broke!)

The bigger the wide format printer, the bigger the expense — but upgrading to the latest wide format printer might not be as expensive as you think. HP is currently offering a trade-in program for DesignJet wide format printers. And the best part? The printer you trade-in doesn’t have to be HP and pick-up can be included. Here’s how it works.

To see how much your old printer is worth, there’s just a few simple steps. Before you start, you’ll need the manufacturer, model number and measurements, including the weight of the equipment you would like to trade in. You’ll also need the company ABN number, payment details for an online bank transfer and a valid email address. And to get started, you need the model name of the printer you’d like to get. If that sounds a bit daunting, Photo Direct can help you determine just what information you need.

First, you need to register with the trade-in program, where you’ll get an estimate. Next, you need to write in and get an official quote, which takes around 7 business days until the quote is returned. Once the quote is approved, you can then purchase the new printer and accept the quote. For this part, you’ll need the invoice, serial number and reseller details for the new equipment.

After sharing the pick-up address for the trade-in, filling out banking information for the return and sending a copy of the tax receipt, HP will complete the trade-in.

Not sure exactly what printer you’d like to upgrade to? Photo Direct staff are always happy to help photographers and other small businesses choose the best wide format printer for the needs of their particular work. From the volume of the prints to the cost of the supplies, we can help you determine which option will best suit your needs. As an HP-authorised dealer, we can help you understand the trade-in process too. HP is offering a number of excellent printers as part of the trade-in, including photo printers, multifunction printers and production printers.

HP’s trade-in offer is good through April 30 – contact us today to get started with your trade-in discount!