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Jetmaster Photo Wraps

Jetmaster Photo Wraps are a brilliant solution to offer your customers who want to achieve a canvas look but, on a shoe-string budget. Jetmaster is also perfect for temporary displays such as trade shows or show homes where you want maximum impact for minimum investment.

With three convenient sizes to choose from, your customers will be able to find the right size that fits their wall space as well as their budget.  Sizes are 12×12”, 11×14” and 16×20”.  Rollers are also available to help your staff achieve a perfect finish.

The JetMaster base is a pre-cut, pre-laminated corrugated board. Press your print down and smooth, fold in the edges of the board – and hang. No bubbles, no untidy corners, no staples and no hooks. A fully assembled JetMaster gallery wrap is so light it can be hung from just one tack.  JetMaster boards are made from mostly recycled content and are fully recyclable. The sturdy corrugated board construction ensures prints don’t bow or sag over time.

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Block Mount and Metallic Paper Combo.

Try our NEW DGI Block Mounts with Metallic Photographic Paper to create a Faux Metal Print.

If you want to offer your customers a great way to display their favourite prints with a degree of depth then look no further than our range of DGI Blockmounts. Coated with adhesives, our 25mm hard coated foam core boards are finished with a beautiful black edge for a professional presentation of photographic prints, ideal for Point of Sales, Corporate Signage, Logos or Artworks.

Purchase 3 cartons of Block Mounts and receive

50% discount off a roll of our 24” Metallic Paper!!!

Special offer ends 15th October 2019 – Minimum order of 5 rolls (mixed)
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While stocks last. Above prices are excluding gst, 10% gst applies.
$25 handling fee will apply to orders under $500 excluding gst.


3 Canvas Options that Are Friendly to Both the Earth and The Budget

3 Canvas Options that Are Friendly to Both the Earth and The Budget

Eco-friendly and wallet-friendly are often opposites, but there are some canvas options that can take on both descriptions with ease. Eco-solvent canvases are designed specifically for eco-solvent inks, together creating colorful artwork without the chemicals and fumes associated with traditional canvas products. Still not convinced? Here’s why you should consider eco-sol, along with our top three budget-friendly and eco-friendly canvases.

Why Eco-Sol?

But first, why choose eco-sol over a traditional canvas? While many eco-sol canvases can be used with a variety of different inks, they’re designed to be used with eco-sol ink. Traditional inks give off fumes that mean ventilation is often a necessity for printing indoors. Besides just being environmentally friendly, eco-sol eliminates the cost of installing a proper ventilation system.

Eco-sol inks are also a bit friendlier on printers, which means nozzles don’t have to be cleaned as often as with traditional inks. The benefits of eco-sol extend to the client too, since some inks can leave canvas with strong odors long after the initial printing.

Eco-sol is often the right way to go, especially for indoor photos and graphics — here are our top eco-sol canvas options.

Eco-Sol Latex Lightweight 190gsm

This canvas is made from 100 percent polyester, making it one of our most affordable canvas options. While affordable enough for printing multiple canvases, the Eco-Sol Latex Lightweight doesn’t slouch too much on quality. The bright white and matte coatings help bring out a brilliant color and quality to the image. Designed with high-quality materials, this canvas is also resistant to cracks, so mounting is no problem. The price and quality mix of this canvas makes it perfect for campaigns with lots of prints or simply printing affordable canvases.

Eco-Sol Latex Semi-Glossy Poly-cotton Canvas 380 gsm

This poly-cotton blend creates a seedless, moderate weave perfect for capturing that authentic canvas look without authentic canvas chemicals. The thick 380g weight makes it the perfect option for high quality prints. With a waterproof surface, this canvas won’t crack while framing and can be used with regular solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV inks. The semi-gloss surface and bright white material work together to give the finished piece a polished look. A special satin coating not only helps the ink to dry quickly, but also allows for maximum saturation.

Eco-Sol Latex Premium Poly-cotton Canvas 380gsm

Not a fan of the glossed over look? This canvas is identical for the 380gsm Eco-Sol Latex, but comes with a matte finish. While still offering an authentic canvas with a seedless weave, this option won’t reflect light, so it’s perfect for photos that shine on their own. Keeping the poly-cotton blend, this canvas is great for using with eco-sol inks yet still sits at an affordable price point. With anti-curl and tear-resistant properties, this canvas is perfect for projects that need to stand the test of time.

Eco-sol canvases are affordable and come without the stench of traditional inks. Our line of Eco-sol canvas comes in 100 foot rolls or customizable lengths, with widths varying from 24 to 60 inches. And while they look wonderful on the walls, they’re also not so bad on the bottom line either.

Save now on DGI canvas, ClearShield and Gallerie Wrap Framing Bars


The wedding and party season is a great opportunity to dress up your marketing and put some extra spring in your cash register. As always your customers will have heaps of reasons to celebrate this year and no doubt photos will be front and centre. To get your share of consumer spending make your store the go-to-place for amazing memories and stunning displays using DGI canvas, ClearShield and Gallerie Wrap Canvas Framing Bars.
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New Flat Pack Poster Tube

New Flat Pack Poster Tubes

Photo Direct has just added another practical product to its range of everyday stationery items. The new flat pack poster tube currently comes in one popular, standard size to ensure your customers can conveniently carry home their purchases while you save on valuable storage space.
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The perfect time to promote Display Products

With photo consumers snapping more than their share of ‘selfies’ and action images over the Festive and Holiday season, January is the perfect time to promote both Prints and Display Products to enjoy a longer tail of profitable sales.  All you need do is simply add your customers’ favourite print to any of the frames from our superb range of display products including Go Frame, Silver Linings and Visionblox to make an awesome wall or table memory.

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Stuck for pro photo supplies?

Although we’re closed for the statutory days over the Festive Period, the team at Photo Direct will be on deck for all those other days in-between so if you’re a professional photographer in need of quality inks or archival fine art papers in a broad range of finishes, weights and textures simply contact us.

We’ve got brands like Fotospeed, Hahnemuhle, and Phototex, plus a great range of inks for HP, Epson and Canon printers.

Visit the Photo Direct website for more information.