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5 Reasons to use Fotospeed Fine Art Papers

As a photographer, you put a lot of work into your art, from choosing the right gear to setting your exposure to perfecting your images in post. That attention to detail allows photographers to capture amazing images on an entirely different level than the average photos floating around the web, even of the same subjects. But do you ever feel like you could be missing one small but essential detail?

Fotospeed Fine Art papers are the final touch that turns amazing digital images into a physical work of art. As the “fine art” in the name suggests, this isn’t your ordinary over-glossed paper. Here are five reasons that Fotospeed Fine Art papers are that final but essential detail.

Fine Art papers have a print life of over 85 years.

Most paper actually contains acid. Over the years, the acid will eventually eat away at the image. Printing your images isn’t just a way to display them, but to protect them from a technical glitch erasing all your work. Print on your average piece of paper, and your image won’t last long. All Fotospeed Fine Art papers, on the other hand, are rated to last over 85 years.

Fine art papers are color neutral.

Anyone who has ever shopped for a wedding dress knows that “white” isn’t just one color, but several. White is more than just a single shade for photographers as well. Low quality photo papers often don’t start out as a neutral white. That means the colors in your shots are starting out on a bad note before the ink even hits the paper.

Fine art papers have a wide color gamut.

Different papers will absorb ink at a different rate, which means choosing a paper is essential to getting an accurate color. Fotospeed’s fine art papers are designed to present your images in their best light, even if your shot is in black and white. The range of paper options means that you can choose an option to absorb more ink for more saturated color, or select one with a more traditional feel.

Fine art papers allow you to choose the finishing touch.

Using a fine art paper gives you the choice of one more detail: texture. Fine art papers come in a range of textures from smooth to an almost velvety touch. Whether you are printing a portrait or a street photo, the right finish could be that final detail to an amazing shot.

Fine art papers have nearly endless size possibilities.

Photos don’t always fit in the same box. With sizes from cut sheets to 44 inch rolls, Fotospeed’s fine art papers make it possible to print panoramas, square shots and custom sizes for canvas wrapping. Odd sizes? They’re no problem.


Photographs aren’t meant to just sit on a hard drive, but printing a photo out on just any paper isn’t going to let all the time that you really put into the shot speak. Fotospeed’s Fine Art papers have more longevity, better color reproduction and a wide range of finishes and sizes. Don’t believe it? Just look up what paper photographers like Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, and Trevor and Faye Yerbury use.

Pinchbook cover how to

Pinchbooks now available in A4

Pinchbooks™ are now available in A4 you may be familiar with the previous sizes and we have now extended the range to include A4 Photobook covers.
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The perfect time to promote Display Products

With photo consumers snapping more than their share of ‘selfies’ and action images over the Festive and Holiday season, January is the perfect time to promote both Prints and Display Products to enjoy a longer tail of profitable sales.  All you need do is simply add your customers’ favourite print to any of the frames from our superb range of display products including Go Frame, Silver Linings and Visionblox to make an awesome wall or table memory.

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There’s Always A Reason To Stock Up On Disposable Cameras

Although we continue to see significant changes in image capture behaviour there’s still a large market for the humble, single-use or disposable camera. Perfect for parties, weddings, school excursions and tourist destination retailing this classic product remains a popular seller and one you should always keep in mind when promoting ideas or seasonal events to your customer base.
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Importing ICC Files to your Z5400

Precise and reliable colour management requires accurate ICC-compliant profiles of all your devices especially your printer. While the process of importing files for an HP Z5400 involves just six simple steps we’d like to remind customers we can help you avoid unnecessary, time-wasting and potentially damaging “corrections” to an already satisfactory image. For more information or help simply call us on 03 9894 1644 or speak to any of our sales team.

Lamps, filters, twin checks anyone?

If you know what I’m talking about and need to stock up, and only want to pay what you offer me check out our current specials page here.

Going for growth

According to the IBISWorld Australian industry report, retail demand for photographic equipment and services continues to be influenced by four key external drivers – systems & technology, real household disposable income, consumer sentiment and tourism levels. These drivers are often considered to be beyond the direct influence of retailers but they simply can’t be ignored especially as IBISWorld’s revenue growth forecasts for our industry are flat to low over the next 3 years.

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