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4 Photo Booth Event Photography Secrets with Photographer Jess Pace

4 Photo Booth Event Photography Secrets with Photographer Jess Pace

Photo booths are the instant photography of the 21st century, bringing instant printable photos to parties and events while creating keepsakes for the hosts. Jess Pace has been running a photo booth company, In an Instant Photography, for nearly 10 years, now working full time with her fiancé, Seb. We sat down with Jess to gather insight on the industry — and what photographers can do to get started in the growing industry.

Running a photo booth is an enjoyable way to own your own business

In an Instant Photography launched after Jess brought a light and a camera to a friend’s party — she enjoyed the experience so much that she later launched her business. Jess wasn’t a stranger to photography, however — she initially studied photography with plans of pursuing fashion photography, then worked with Pioneer Studios – now Sun Studios — for eight years before running her own company full time.

“I’ve also always been quite passionate about owning my own business and working for myself, I enjoy the freedom and responsibility of running a business,” she said.

But running a photo booth can also be a physically demanding job — with long hours

While part of her job means attending parties for a living, Jess says that running a photo both isn’t always fun and games. “Owning a photo booth involves quite a lot of physical labour, be ready for long days and late nights,” she says. “Although it’s incredibly rewarding! You definitely have to be a people person, as you’ll be interacting with loads of people at every event.”

Jess also recommends joining a Facebook group of other photo booth owners for tips and advice, including Photo Booth Owners Australia / New Zealand and Australian Photo Booth Friends.

Gear is a necessary but straight-forward part of running a photo booth event photography business

In an Instant Photography uses the Simple Booth App, an iPad and the DNP DS40 photo printer. The company also brings their own halo studio lighting, which helps give the company an edge over the competition by providing simple, studio-worthy lighting. Using an open air booth rather than an enclosed space also allows the photo booth to accommodate large groups.

Jess says her printer is efficient — and hasn’t had a major breakdown. “[DNP printers] are so efficient, we’re always receiving comments from guests at events at how quick they print out the images,” she said.

What about marketing?

Jess says word of mouth is their best form of advertising, but the photo both event photography company also runs promotions on Instagram, in wedding magazines and at wedding fairs. The duo also works to request reviews, earning a five-star rating on Facebook to keep new clients coming.

Like other businesses, Jess and Seb had to find what separated them from the rest of the industry — with easy to use gear and a fun personality, their company has thrived. “Because it’s just myself and my fiancé Seb who run In An Instant, you’re dealing with two passionate business owners who love being at every event that we’re hired for,” she said. “We’re quite attentive to our clients and guests throughout the entire process, from booking us via email through to the end of the event. We’re always told from our clients that what really made us stand out from the rest was how we interacted with the guests and how easy the booking process was. We’re just two fun and easy going people, so we’re just being ourselves!”

Bigger is Better (for Prints, That is): 5 Reasons To Print Bigger Photos

Bigger is Better (for Prints, That is): 5 Reasons To Print Bigger Photos

Size matters — particularly when it comes to printing photos. While digital has become commonplace, most actually still use print sizes made popular from 35mm film. If our technology has evolved so much, then why are we still printing small photos? Snapshots may still have their place — but here are five reasons why those favorite photos deserve much more than a 4×6.

4×6 was popularized by film.

The 4×6 size was easy to create from 35mm film because it uses the same aspect ratio. Developing film in small sizes made it easy to see a photo’s overall quality affordably, with the possibility of enlarging the best ones later. While many digital cameras still use that same aspect ratio, there’s no need to print out every photo to see which one is the best when you use digital.

Small prints waste those details.

How much time did you put into taking that shot? A 4×6 isn’t large enough to see the most details from an image, wasting all that effort to get that proper exposure to leave all those details intact. Larger photo prints puts those details on a pedestal to admire.

Even an iPhone can make big prints.

When digital photography was in it’s infancy, most consumer cameras couldn’t be printed in very big sizes. But, now even the iPhone 7 can print a 21×14 image and still get a good image quality, or up to a 14×9 with no quality loss at all. And that’s just a 12 megapixel iPhone with a small sensor.

Big prints are becoming more affordable.

Gone are the days of buying film and paying for the development of every roll. But even as digital photography maintains its spot in the mainstream, more photo printing options are entering the market, which means print prices are dropping as more competition pops up. Even an 11×17 is only a few bucks at most photo printers.

Prints are no longer just paper.

Printing on paper used to be a given, along with perhaps an occasional canvas. Now, photos can be printed on wood, glass or acrylic, while canvas is also becoming more affordable. All of these mediums offer a number of atheistic qualities, with wood adding a subtle texture and the transparent quality of glass electrifying the colors in your image. Printing on glass and other non-traditional materials are not quite as affordable as printing on paper, but the cost difference isn’t as drastic as size increases. Printing two 5x7s on glass is often more expensive than printing one 8×10 or even an 11×17, even though they’ll take up roughly the same amount of space on your wall.

4x6s remain a standard and are affordable print options — they’re still good for albums or giving out photos in large quantities. But when it comes to printing photos to display, go beyond even the standard 8×10 — the technology is there, the image quality is there and the price difference is smaller than ever before. When it comes to prints of the best photos, bigger really is better.



HP Designjet Z6800 wideformat printer

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Code Description
PD800 Ultimate Satin 180gsm 61.0cm x 30m
PE1620UA61030 Polypropylene Banner Matte 610mm x 30m
PD1537 Jetmaster Paper Embossed 200g 610mm x 30m (24″) JMP-21
7D438 Fotospeed Fine Art Rococo Gloss Canvas 44″ (1118mm) x 15m
F2S72A HP Designjet Z6800 60″ 8 Ink Photo Production Printer
PD1600R StarLam 1600R Roll to Roll Liquid Laminator
PD1107 DGI Inkjet Everyday Canvas 350gsm 91.4.0cm x 30m (36″)
PD1107 DGI Everyday Inkjet Canvas 350gsm  36” x 30M
PD302 DGI Premium Inkjet Canvas 91.4cm x 15m (TY6RB) 380gsm 36″
PD1130 DGI Eco sol-Latex Lightweight 190 GSM Canvas 152.4cm (60″) x 30m
PD1131 DGI Eco Sol-Latex Premium canvas 380gsm 152.4cm x 18 m (60″)
PD1129 DGI Eco Sol-Latex Semi Gloss Type 5 Canvas 152.4cm (60″) x 18m
ds40 printer

DNP DS40 printer special offer 1600 free prints

  • DNP DS40 printerDigital Prints on Demand: Print speeds are as fast as 8.9 seconds per 4″ x 6″ print
  • Printers have a space saving design – only 12.6 inches wide by 14 inches deep by 6.6 inches high
  • A powerful printer control engine designed to maximize image quality
  • Printers have an ergonomic design for easy-access front loading of media

Delivering superb print quality at an affordable price, the DS40 is a recognized high-volume producer — shooting out four print sizes at fast print speeds. Trouble-free operation and easy loading make this model a favorite of event and portrait photographers. Equipped with a powerful combination of small footprint, ability to stack multiple printers, exceptional quality, and worry-free performance — this printer offers a high probability of customer satisfaction and a high margin of profitability.

DS Series™ award winning professional event photography printers are competitively priced, high-resolution dye-sublimation printers that produce rich photos that display full color details and smooth gradation. The lamination layer on the media provides resistance to fading, fingerprints, water, ozone, and dust.

DS Series™ printers are specifically designed to use DNP’s high-quality, value-priced dye-sublimation media.

The DS40 uses a unique internal print method to protect the paper from dust and other contaminants and is easy to maintain thanks to its front-panel media loading and maintenance. It includes a tray and spacers for 6 x 8″ prints. Additionally, for making 5 x 7″ prints, optional spacers are available.

Overall it’s just a great printer take it out of the box and within minutes your making professional prints.

** Special off for February 2016 only **  Buy a DS40 printer in February and receive 1600 prints (2 boxes 4×6″ media) with your printer.

Call now and a member of the sales team can discuss pricing and the benefits of DS40 ownership and explain the February special.

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HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer

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