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Wrap a Canvas in 5 minutes, now 35% off Starter Kits.

Wrap a Canvas in 5 minutes, now 35% off Starter Kits.

Save over 35% on your Starter Kit only $195 +gst.
Over $300 in value!!

Canvases made easier and quicker than you might think! Add amazing value to your business. No Staple Guns required.

Watch a short video here to see just how easy it is.

Starter Kit Includes:

  • Gallerie Wrap Corner Set, Glue,
  • Pro Cutting Tool plus spare Blades
  • 5 packs of Gallerie Wrap bars* (1 each 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″)
  • Enough bars to make 10 Gallerie Wrap canvas frames

Gallerie Wrap bars are available in different lengths ranging from 8” to 60”, packed in boxes of 8 bars. Perfect for medium and large format printers. Stretcher bar provides a depth of 1 ½”.

To order call 1300 364 825 or email here.

*IG Wrap canvas stretcher bars are made from the best grades of North American basswood. This is the wood of choice for most museum quality stretcher bars due to its stability, low resin and lignin content. We only support sawmills that use sustainable forestry practices.

Terms and conditions:
While Stocks Last, order as many kits as you like.
Offer valid until 15th March 2019


Turning Trash in to Art - Hp Recycled Satin Canvas

Turning Trash in to Art – Hp Recycled Satin Canvas

HP is leading the way to reduce the impact on the environment by designing products that are manufactured, used and recovered in a more sustainable way. Introducing the new HP Recycled Satin Canvas, a printable canvas made 100% from recycled water bottles!

Achieve an artistic look and feel for photo enlargements, reproductions, and retail and hospitality decor. Produce outstanding image quality and precise colours on this bright white, slightly textured, satin-finish canvas. HP Recycled Satin Canvas produces durable canvas wraps that resist edge-cracking.

Meet environmental goals with this REACH compliant canvas made with yarn from 100% recycled water bottles. Recycling beverage containers (and other materials) saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and diverts material from landfills.

Between five million and 13 million tons of plastic is leaking into the ocean every year, and 91% of plastic waste is never recycled. In this time of heightened social awareness, consumers want products that contribute to their overall efforts for environmental sustainability. HP Recycled Satin Canvas produces outstanding image quality along with environmental assurance.

HP Recycled Satin Canvas was awarded 2018 SGIA Product of the Year by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, one of the print industry’s most prestigious awards.

Be the first to use this new innovative canvas, call Photo Direct now for more information on 1300 364 817 or email

Canvas Gifts for Christmas

Canvas Gifts for Christmas

Are you ready for the INFLUX OF CUSTOMER ORDERS?

We have in stock:

  • High quality WOODEN canvas bars
  • All sizes 8” to 60”
  • Next day dispatch
  • Easy to use – create in under 5 minutes
  • Enables you to provide your customers with same day / next day canvases

Watch how easy they are to make:

Call our Customer Support Centre now to assist you with all your Canvas needs on 1300 364 817 or email us.

DGI Type 5 Canvas Certified for HP Latex

DGI Type 5 Canvas Certified for HP Latex

Photo Direct was requested by a high-end print provider to the professional photographic and art reproduction sectors, to create a canvas for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The Brief

  • Suitable for use in the photographic and fine art reproduction markets for both Aqueous and Latex ink sets
  • Greater detail in the lowlight and highlight areas of the Image
  • Enhanced durability so it may be wrapped on the frame without cracking
  • Reduced optical brightener for greater longevity
  • Reduced cotton seed husks
  • Smooth with zero bumps (husks, retied cotton threads)
  • A white canvas to give a neutral colour balance (not yellow)
  • Low price was the last of the requirements

The Result!! Photo Direct’s DGI Premium Canvas Range


  • Durable Polyester/Cotton Blend so it can be wrapped on the frame without cracking and it won’t shrink when printed
  • Acid free coatings and water resistant surfaces to suit pigment inks.
  • Reduced optical brighteners for longer lasting images
  • Greater detail in the black and white areas of the image (detail in the bride’s wedding dress without compromising detail in the groom’s suit jacket)
  • A beautiful weight of 380gsm that works hand in glove with the IG Wrap system to produce a perfect tension across the image


  • Premium canvas to suit the high standards required by the professional photographic market
  • Low cost high quality = better margin
  • Beautiful image surface and fewer reprints so you save money on materials cost
  • Happy customers, optimizing your opportunities for repeat business

Photo Direct has been providing these quality canvas’s for a number of years, in June 2018 our DGI latex Type 5 canvas received the HP Latex Inks Substrates certificate and is now available for selection from the HP Media locator.

High volume users have commented that the canvas handles well and represents exceptional value for money.

To gain certification the canvas was put through rigorous testing by  Colour Concepts in the Netherland , HPs independent testing partner who are world’s largest, independent state-of-the-art profiling and testing lab for the professional digital large format printing industry.

The tests are all objective and cover the following areas:

  • Image Quality including colour gamut and area fill uniformity.
  • Media Printer Interaction. This series of test cover marks, wrinkles , dimensional stability and rewetting
  • Image Handleability. This is the performance of the media when being handled and is tested for scratchability, dry rubbing , wet rubbing , water fastness and ink adhesion.

The testing is exhaustive and Photo Direct decide to submit the canvas for testing to provide a better level of support to our clients.

5 Reasons To Order a Canvas Instead of A Print

5 Reasons To Order a Canvas Instead of A Print

Photos should exist in more than megapixels — but which is the better option, a print or a canvas? Prints are undoubtably the most popular because of their affordability, but when it comes to making a statement on your walls, canvas is often overlooked. Here’s why you should consider a canvas before you order your next photos.

Look Ma! No Glass!

With a canvas, there’s no glass in between the image and the viewer. Canvas is durable enough that it doesn’t need that protective layer. When you get rid of the glass, you also get rid of the glare. That means canvas can be viewed at any angle and hung anywhere without getting a hotspot from any nearby lights. Of course, without glass, there’s also no fingerprint smudges to wipe off either.

The sides are already wrapped.

Without a frame, there’s also no interruption between the photograph and the wall. The sides of the image wrap around the edges, offering a bit of depth without the separation of a frame. There’s no frame colors to try to match to the decor either, it’s just pure photograph.

Texture offers a sense of depth.

Canvas is much different from the smooth surface of a matte or glossy print. Canvas has a sort of texture to it, creating a small hint of depth that a print simply doesn’t have. The weave of a canvas can help bring out the colors, textures and details in an image in a way that other mediums do not simply because there’s a bit of texture to a canvas. Think about it — photos in galleries are printed on canvas because they have a certain atheistic that says more art and less snapshot.

Canvases are timeless.

Styles are constantly changing — including frame styles. Canvases are always in style, while if you order a gold-colored frame, gold may be out in a few years. The style, whether that’s the color or the design of the frame, may not be just as eye catching as the first time you hang it a few years down the road. With canvas, that’s not the case.

Canvas is not as expensive as you think.

One of the biggest reasons most choose prints over canvas is affordability — but canvas often isn’t as expensive as most people think. When you factor in the cost of buying both a frame and the print, the price of canvas has a much narrower difference, since there’s no frame needed. While those images you plan to update every year are more affordable by swapping prints out of a frame, for the timeless favorites that will grace your home for years, canvas is often only slightly more expensive when you remove the cost of buying picture frames from the equation.

Prints are more affordable, easier to hand out to friends and come in a variety of sizes — but canvas often offers a better viewing experience, creating a timeless memory for your home with no glass or frame and beautiful texture.



Hp Coated Papers, Banner & Sign Materials, Backlit films and Photographic Papers.

Call 1300 364 817 or email to request special price information.

edm1 pic

Only available while stocks last.


Automate Liquid Laminate Application

Following our article on Clearsheild Liquid Laminate for Canvas a few weeks ago we have been asked if there is a less manual way of applying Liquid Laminate for high volume users.

Yes there is, with the Starlam 1600 roll to roll liquid laminator.

The StarLam 1600R roll to roll liquid laminator applies a smooth consistent coating of ClearShield water-based liquid laminate. Handling a wide variety of substrates up to 64″ wide, the StarLam makes liquid lamination quick and easy.

The innovative and proven system offers increased profitability by providing a cost effective, simple laminating solution.

The Starlam 1600

  • Ships ready to use
  • Coats a variety of substrates up to 1.6m wide (64″)
  • Applies a smooth, even and consistent coating
  • Easy to use and it is designed for single operator use
  • Clean up in less than 10 minutes
  • Suitable for store front shop or high production printing
  • Designed for use with ClearShield Liquid Laminate


  • Vehicle graphics
  • Canvas
  • Back lit signs
  • PoS – Point of Sale
  • Treade show displays
  • Banners
  • Wall Coverings

To Find out more about the Starlam 1600 Liquid Laminator or Clearsheild liquid laminates contact us

Call 1300 364 817 or email us to find out more


Save now on DGI canvas, ClearShield and Gallerie Wrap Framing Bars


The wedding and party season is a great opportunity to dress up your marketing and put some extra spring in your cash register. As always your customers will have heaps of reasons to celebrate this year and no doubt photos will be front and centre. To get your share of consumer spending make your store the go-to-place for amazing memories and stunning displays using DGI canvas, ClearShield and Gallerie Wrap Canvas Framing Bars.
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