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Block Mount and Metallic Paper Combo.

Try our NEW DGI Block Mounts with Metallic Photographic Paper to create a Faux Metal Print.

If you want to offer your customers a great way to display their favourite prints with a degree of depth then look no further than our range of DGI Blockmounts. Coated with adhesives, our 25mm hard coated foam core boards are finished with a beautiful black edge for a professional presentation of photographic prints, ideal for Point of Sales, Corporate Signage, Logos or Artworks.

Purchase 3 cartons of Block Mounts and receive

50% discount off a roll of our 24” Metallic Paper!!!

Special offer ends 15th October 2019 – Minimum order of 5 rolls (mixed)
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Post Printex 2019 media specials.

Did you miss Printex 2019?

Don’t worry you can still take advantage of our post show media specials.

HP Media

HP media is designed to meet the needs of graphics, photography, and technical professionals. All products deliver vivid, high-quality prints and offer excellent price-to-performance ratios.

DGI Canvas

DGI Canvas is a fantastic quality Polyester/Cotton Blend Canvas that does not sag in the frame over time and does not grow or shrink when printed, with acid free coatings and water-resistant surfaces created to suit pigment inks reduced optical brighteners for a longer lasting image.

Photo Smooth Pearl 290

Photo Smooth Pearl has a natural white base and an instant dry, micro-porous coating.  The paper’s wide colour gamut and high D-MAX delivers beautiful images, both in colour and B&W. Over the last two years Fotospeed have worked on creating the perfect Smooth Pearl Digital paper. This paper has become a market leader and is the reliable go to paper for photographers the world over.


Special offer ends 15th October 2019 – Minimum order of 5 rolls (mixed)

Email orders here or Phone 1300 364 817, Fax 1300 364 825.

Or contact our Technical Sales Representative Stephen Cordner on 0415 845 649

or email Stephen here.


While stocks last. Above prices are excluding gst, 10% gst applies.
$25 handling fee will apply to orders under $500 excluding gst.


Weather Resistant Media for Aqueous Large-Format Printers

Weather Resistant Media for Aqueous Large-Format Printers

Create weather resistant vibrant, colourful banners and posters for outdoor use on aqueous devices.

In recognition of the importance of a long-lasting vibrant image, Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions, has announced two new media options for their imagePROGRAF Large-format printers: Canon Water Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl (330gsm & 290gsm) and Canon Water Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl (480gsm), both designed to withstand most weather elements for up to six months without lamination.

Ideal for banners, posters and signage, these media types can find a home in a variety of different markets, including construction, beverage, education and retail. An exciting aspect of these new media types is their ability to be used in conjunction with aqueous imagePROGRAF printers, helping users produce bold colourful output for their outdoor displays.

Key features of the new media:

Created for Aqueous Inkjet Technology

Lending themselves well to Canon Large-format printers that utilize aqueous inkjet technology, Canon’s new media offers the ability to produce vibrant applications through environmentally friendly technology. With an expanded colour range and durable quality, users will notice the ability to print colour posters without the fumes and orders associated with Solvent ink technology – making it a logical fit for schools and education environments.

Increased Weather Resistance

Both new media types are designed to enable lasting image quality and resistance to fading that is commonly seen in outdoor applications. Tests conducted by Canon Inc. have shown that both types of media are capable of lasting up to six months of outdoor use without the need to laminate the output. When compared to regular media, the image has already faded and is almost non-existent by that point.

Canon Technology Built-in

These new media offerings feature a unique durable ink-receiving layer that sits on top of the base material, helping to protect absorbed ink from running when exposed. This layer helps provide resistance to ultraviolet photo degradation – a critical component for outdoor applications exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. Canon’s water-resistant media contains a binder with low water solubility over the base material to help protect the ink-receiving layer, which is not found in conventional media – in turn causing the ink-receiving layer to dissolve in water.

Improved Adhesive Backing

The Water Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl (330gsm & 290gsm) features a peel away back to allow for easy application and repositioning. Air release grooves provides the ability to smooth out air bubbles when hanging directly onto a surface. This media type also features gray adhesive, helping prevent overlapping images when placed over a separate piece of media. The vinyl material easily conforms to curves and depressions, allowing for application on a variety of surfaces.

Improved Banner Application

Canon’s Water-Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl (480gsm) lends itself to outdoor banners, tapestries and long displays, featuring attached grommets for rope or wire hanging. A three-layer base material, consisting of vinyl and polyester on top of another layer of vinyl, provides much needed durability when confronted with certain weather conditions, such as rain and wind.


The Canon Water-Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl (330gsm& 290gsm) and Canon Water Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl (480gsm) are both available in 24, 36, and 42 inches. The Water Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl is also available in 54″ and the Water-Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl in 60″.  Both media types are available now.


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Fotospeed fine art paper

5 Reasons to use Fotospeed Fine Art Papers

As a photographer, you put a lot of work into your art, from choosing the right gear to setting your exposure to perfecting your images in post. That attention to detail allows photographers to capture amazing images on an entirely different level than the average photos floating around the web, even of the same subjects. But do you ever feel like you could be missing one small but essential detail?

Fotospeed Fine Art papers are the final touch that turns amazing digital images into a physical work of art. As the “fine art” in the name suggests, this isn’t your ordinary over-glossed paper. Here are five reasons that Fotospeed Fine Art papers are that final but essential detail.

Fine Art papers have a print life of over 85 years.

Most paper actually contains acid. Over the years, the acid will eventually eat away at the image. Printing your images isn’t just a way to display them, but to protect them from a technical glitch erasing all your work. Print on your average piece of paper, and your image won’t last long. All Fotospeed Fine Art papers, on the other hand, are rated to last over 85 years.

Fine art papers are color neutral.

Anyone who has ever shopped for a wedding dress knows that “white” isn’t just one color, but several. White is more than just a single shade for photographers as well. Low quality photo papers often don’t start out as a neutral white. That means the colors in your shots are starting out on a bad note before the ink even hits the paper.

Fine art papers have a wide color gamut.

Different papers will absorb ink at a different rate, which means choosing a paper is essential to getting an accurate color. Fotospeed’s fine art papers are designed to present your images in their best light, even if your shot is in black and white. The range of paper options means that you can choose an option to absorb more ink for more saturated color, or select one with a more traditional feel.

Fine art papers allow you to choose the finishing touch.

Using a fine art paper gives you the choice of one more detail: texture. Fine art papers come in a range of textures from smooth to an almost velvety touch. Whether you are printing a portrait or a street photo, the right finish could be that final detail to an amazing shot.

Fine art papers have nearly endless size possibilities.

Photos don’t always fit in the same box. With sizes from cut sheets to 44 inch rolls, Fotospeed’s fine art papers make it possible to print panoramas, square shots and custom sizes for canvas wrapping. Odd sizes? They’re no problem.


Photographs aren’t meant to just sit on a hard drive, but printing a photo out on just any paper isn’t going to let all the time that you really put into the shot speak. Fotospeed’s Fine Art papers have more longevity, better color reproduction and a wide range of finishes and sizes. Don’t believe it? Just look up what paper photographers like Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, and Trevor and Faye Yerbury use.



HP Designjet Z6800 wideformat printer

Call 1300 364817 or email special prices. Available while stocks last.

For more information on the products simply click on the highlighted descriptions.

Code Description
PD800 Ultimate Satin 180gsm 61.0cm x 30m
PE1620UA61030 Polypropylene Banner Matte 610mm x 30m
PD1537 Jetmaster Paper Embossed 200g 610mm x 30m (24″) JMP-21
7D438 Fotospeed Fine Art Rococo Gloss Canvas 44″ (1118mm) x 15m
F2S72A HP Designjet Z6800 60″ 8 Ink Photo Production Printer
PD1600R StarLam 1600R Roll to Roll Liquid Laminator
PD1107 DGI Inkjet Everyday Canvas 350gsm 91.4.0cm x 30m (36″)
PD1107 DGI Everyday Inkjet Canvas 350gsm  36” x 30M
PD302 DGI Premium Inkjet Canvas 91.4cm x 15m (TY6RB) 380gsm 36″
PD1130 DGI Eco sol-Latex Lightweight 190 GSM Canvas 152.4cm (60″) x 30m
PD1131 DGI Eco Sol-Latex Premium canvas 380gsm 152.4cm x 18 m (60″)
PD1129 DGI Eco Sol-Latex Semi Gloss Type 5 Canvas 152.4cm (60″) x 18m



Hp Coated Papers, Banner & Sign Materials, Backlit films and Photographic Papers.

Call 1300 364 817 or email to request special price information.

edm1 pic

Only available while stocks last.


X fotospeed platinum etching 285

Fotospeed Platinum Etching 285 gsm

Fotospeed Platinum Etching 285 gsm broadens your offering.

Add or enhance your fine art digital inkjet printing offering, stunning images need the right media and Fotospeed platinum etching 285 delivers the right result.

Many of our wideformat customers are offering output on Platinum Etchings as an alternative to stand media.

The NEW edition to the Fotospeed Platinum range. Platinum Etching 285gsm is a newly developed Fine Art Paper made from 25% cotton and 75% Alpha cellulose. With a state of the art inkjet coating and velvety texture, It gives the user sharpness, colour gamut and density second to none. Compatible with both Dye and Pigment ink.

Charlie Wait's Lammermuir, Near Duns, The Borders, Scotland

Charlie Wait’s Lammermuir, Near Duns, The Borders, Scotland

Platinum Etching is Charlie Waite’s (renowned British Landscape Photographer) paper of choice and he has this to say about it:

“Landscape photography is much about discovery and photographers can only fully relish the rewards of their efforts when seen in the form of a print. The paper used for that print has to be as carefully considered as the image made. Paper technology changes with time and ongoing advances mean that photographers need to look regularly at their paper choice, rather than automatically playing safe with an old favourite. Discovering Platinum Etching 285 has been a revelation to me and has proved a vital tool in my ongoing quest to match pre-visualisation with end result.”

Check out Charlies work here

Fotospeed Platinum Etching 285 is in stock for immediately delivery

Call 1300 364 817 or email us to find out more

Fotospeed fine art paper

What Joe Cornish says about Fotospeed inkjet media

Joe Cornish on Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300.  “I aim to crystallise the endlessly varied light, colours and texture of nature in my landscape photographs. At the end of a chain of photographic processes, the print is the culmination and fulfilment of that effort, and the paper is critical to the success of the print. Fotospeed’s Smooth Cotton 300 is my paper of choice.”

To find out more about Joe and see more of his images visit his website Joe Cornish  

Cleveland Way by Joe Cornish

Cleveland Way by Joe Cornish

Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300 is available in sheets and rolls 24″, 36″ & 44″

Call 1300 364 817 or email us to find out more