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Weather Resistant Media for Aqueous Large-Format Printers

Weather Resistant Media for Aqueous Large-Format Printers

Create weather resistant vibrant, colourful banners and posters for outdoor use on aqueous devices.

In recognition of the importance of a long-lasting vibrant image, Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions, has announced two new media options for their imagePROGRAF Large-format printers: Canon Water Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl (330gsm & 290gsm) and Canon Water Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl (480gsm), both designed to withstand most weather elements for up to six months without lamination.

Ideal for banners, posters and signage, these media types can find a home in a variety of different markets, including construction, beverage, education and retail. An exciting aspect of these new media types is their ability to be used in conjunction with aqueous imagePROGRAF printers, helping users produce bold colourful output for their outdoor displays.

Key features of the new media:

Created for Aqueous Inkjet Technology

Lending themselves well to Canon Large-format printers that utilize aqueous inkjet technology, Canon’s new media offers the ability to produce vibrant applications through environmentally friendly technology. With an expanded colour range and durable quality, users will notice the ability to print colour posters without the fumes and orders associated with Solvent ink technology – making it a logical fit for schools and education environments.

Increased Weather Resistance

Both new media types are designed to enable lasting image quality and resistance to fading that is commonly seen in outdoor applications. Tests conducted by Canon Inc. have shown that both types of media are capable of lasting up to six months of outdoor use without the need to laminate the output. When compared to regular media, the image has already faded and is almost non-existent by that point.

Canon Technology Built-in

These new media offerings feature a unique durable ink-receiving layer that sits on top of the base material, helping to protect absorbed ink from running when exposed. This layer helps provide resistance to ultraviolet photo degradation – a critical component for outdoor applications exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. Canon’s water-resistant media contains a binder with low water solubility over the base material to help protect the ink-receiving layer, which is not found in conventional media – in turn causing the ink-receiving layer to dissolve in water.

Improved Adhesive Backing

The Water Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl (330gsm & 290gsm) features a peel away back to allow for easy application and repositioning. Air release grooves provides the ability to smooth out air bubbles when hanging directly onto a surface. This media type also features gray adhesive, helping prevent overlapping images when placed over a separate piece of media. The vinyl material easily conforms to curves and depressions, allowing for application on a variety of surfaces.

Improved Banner Application

Canon’s Water-Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl (480gsm) lends itself to outdoor banners, tapestries and long displays, featuring attached grommets for rope or wire hanging. A three-layer base material, consisting of vinyl and polyester on top of another layer of vinyl, provides much needed durability when confronted with certain weather conditions, such as rain and wind.


The Canon Water-Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl (330gsm& 290gsm) and Canon Water Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl (480gsm) are both available in 24, 36, and 42 inches. The Water Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl is also available in 54″ and the Water-Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl in 60″.  Both media types are available now.


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