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DNP RX1 photo printer from Photo Direct

Lab Solution for as little as $89* per week

Still using a wetlab?

Want to experiment with a drylab without having to throw out your wetlab first?
Want to have the security of back up equipment for when your ageing wetlab fails?
Want a drylab now but don’t have many dollars to spare?
Want to use your existing PC or kiosk hardware for as long as possible?
Want a print and software solution that works with your existing IT operating systems to save you more $$?
Want to save on service costs?
Want to never be out of production?
Want to never have to wait for a tech or spare parts to arrive in store?
Want a photolab simple enough that any staff member can operate it?
Want to streamline your production operations to free up staff to spend more time selling?
Want to reduce your stock holding of lab supplies so they are easier to manage and store?
Want to free up floor space in the lab area?
Want a lab system with a flexible layout so you can rearrange your store without worrying if the lab will fit?

Want to find out more about how all this is possible??

Simply email or phone us on 1300 364 817. We’d be delighted to answer your questions on how you can have all this for as little as $89* per week.

*$89 per week depends on finance terms and conditions and the final equipment and software configuration selected.

New Product Announcement HP Z2600 & HP Z5600 Printers

Photo Direct are pleased to announce that HP Inc. today expanded its proven HP DesignJet Z-series portfolio of high-impact graphics printers with a 44-inch multi-roll printer and the company’s most affordable 24-inch high-impact graphics printer. The HP DesignJet Z5600 and Z2600 PostScript Printers come with a six-ink printing system, which helps users cut costs by reducing ink consumption, while still ensuring crisp colors. These devices, designed for copy shops, retailers and corporations, specifically GIS departments, newly offer HP chromatic red ink which enhances the color gamut, ideal for high-impact point of purchase (POP) signs and posters.

z2600 z5600

HP’s most affordable 24-inch high-impact graphics printer

HP’s most affordable 24-inch graphics printer, the new HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript Printer saves up to 20 percent ink consumption using HP’s optimized six-ink printing system.6 With its radically simple, intuitive operation, no training is needed to use this compact printer, sized to fit any work space. Additionally, HP Vivid Photo Inks, including chromatic red ink, deliver high-impact images that leave a lasting impression.

Quick and efficient high-impact graphics printing

The 44-inch, automatic multi-roll HP DesignJet Z5600 PostScript Printer boosts media loading efficiency up to 75 percent3 and users can print up to 39 percent faster4 with quick-drying HP inks. For creating high-impact graphics, the pigment-based HP Vivid Photo inks are water and fade-resistant for maps and technical drawings that can last up to 200 years.5


Brochures and Datasheets:

New 2016 HP DesignJet Portfolio Brochure with new products:

Complete Z Series “Help me choose” comparison brochure:

Website link to HP Graphics Z Series Printer range:

HP DesignJet Z5600 Datasheet:

HP DesignJet Z2600 Datasheet:

HP DesignJet Click Printing Software Datasheet:


Product Description
HP DesignJet Z5600 PostScript inter

Quick and efficient high-impact graphics printing


Link for more information:


Product Tour Video:



The HP DesignJet Z5600 44-inch PostScript Printer produces vivid, eye-catching graphics and technical documents with HP chromatic red ink. With a 6-ink printing system that optimises operating costs, the pigment-based HP Vivid Photo inks are water and fade-resistant for graphics, maps and technical drawings to last up to 200 years.


The multi-roll operation and flexible workflows enable productivity and express printing for users.


HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript Printer

HP’s most affordable 24-inch high-impact graphics printer


Link for more information:


Product Tour Video:


Customer Story Video – Bramona Copy Shop (Z2600):



The new 24-inch HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript Printer is a radically simple and intuitive 6-ink device that delivers impressive results for both graphics and technical documents.


The printer includes HP chromatic red ink which is ideal for high-impact images, and reliable color and line accuracy for technical documents. It’s compactness allows it to be sized to fit more workspace.



HP DesignJet Click

Easy one-click printing to offer a simple printing experience for all HP Z series printers


Link for more information:

Product Tour Video:

Register & Download:



Free software for all HP Z series printers to optimise time and simplify printing by enabling radically simple, one-click printing for all PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and HP-GL/2 files from a PC or Mac to the HP DesignJet Z-series printers.


The software helps cut media costs with features like nesting and file error warnings, and users can now be more productive with real-time previews, along with driverless and multipage/multi-file PDF printing of posters, roll-up banners, CAD drawings, maps, and info-graphic presentations.


HP wallpaper for latex printer

HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper

HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper is now available

Set your business apart with environmental certifications

Help your customers define interiors with durable, colourful, creative wall decorations that last with scrub and scratch-resistant performance. Prints produced with HP Latex Inks enable and HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper for healthier and more sustainable printing. Odorless displays are UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified using this FSC®-certified paper.

HP latex wallpaperBe productive—durable prints are easy to install and remove

Maintain high productivity and offer your customers a durable, easy-to-use solution. This wallpaper goes up with common adhesives and installation techniques.
Prints produced with HP Latex Inks on HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper are Type II (ASTM F793) compliant for durability characteristics—ideal for use in environments subject to wear and tear.

Boldly define interior spaces—see the ColorPRO difference

See high-impact graphics with an extended range of colours. Engineered with ColorPRO Technology to deliver colour excellence, this digital wall decoration solution from HP delivers professional quality and striking results.

What is a “Type II” wallcovering?

Type II wallcoverings are compliant with a durability standard for commercial wallcoverings.
Criteria include scrubbability, stain resistance,flame spread, colorfastness, abrasion resistance,and more. Testing is conducted according to the Type II ASTM F793 standard and test procedures.
The American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) established the standard with input from the Wallcovering Association. Type II is often a requirement when specifying wallcoverings.

HP wallpaper 1Installation and application of custom printed wallpaper

Make sure the wall is cleaned, prepped, and primed before attempting to install pasted wallcovering.
Optimum installation conditions are between 65 and 75° F (18 to 24° C) and 40-60% RH. For higher temperatures and relative humidities, allow more time for primer and paste coats to dry.
Lay out the area to be covered as appropriate for the image or wallcovering to be hung. Double check the pattern, color, and sequence numbering of panels to ensure it is correct.
Apply an even coat of adhesive to the backing of the wallcovering using a brush, roller, or pasting machine. Paste-the-wall is not a recommended application. When pasting several strips in advance, booking is recommended to ensure proper wetting of the backing. Fold each end
toward the middle, pasted sides together, aligning the edges carefully to prevent the paste on the edges from drying out.
Book the strips for a minimum of 5-10 minutes.
Do not crease the wallcovering, and avoid stacking multiple booked strips as the added weight could cause creasing.
Install wallcovering using a plastic wallcovering smoother, working out air pockets or bubbles.
Stop the installation if there is a question of panel colour matching.
Remove excess paste immediately with clean water and a soft cellulose sponge. Use the soft side of the sponge if there is an abrasive side. It will be difficult to remove paste after it starts to dry.
If following an overlapping method, use a minimum of 1 inch but preferably 2 inches.
After the adhesive has begun to set (approximately 20-30 minutes), roll the seams lightly with a seam roller as necessary. Avoid excessive pressure when rolling the seams to avoid squeezing out paste. Keep in mind that although the paste will seem fully dried after approximately 24-48
hours, it may take 1-2 weeks for it to finally settle.

Call 1300 364 817 or email us to find out more

HP Product numbers
E4J52A -1067 mm x 30,5 m (42 in x 100 ft) HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper
E4J53A -1372 mm x 30,5 m (54 in x 100 ft) HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper

Fotospeed Fine Art Paper in stock now.

Fotospeed fine art inkjet papers are now in stock in rolls and sheets.

At the heart of Fotospeed Digital is the FineArt, Photo and Canvas range of Inkjet papers. Each paper is specially selected for its emulsion performance, feel, weight, longevity and above all, image quality.

PF Lustre Fotospeed paper

PF Lustre Fotospeed paper

From the multiple award wining PF Lustre 270 to the Five Star Amateur Photographer award winning Platinum Baryta, Fotospeed Fine Art Papers offer you everything you need to make that perfect print.

Fotospeed’s market leading inkjet papers offer one of the most comprehensive selections in the world – Including Fine Art, Photo Quality and Canvas. Their range of award winning inkjet papers all come with FREE custom profiles. Generic profile are also available to down load from their website.


Fotospeed ethos of a print being the final stage of any image has led them to work with world famous photographers and was the reason for the launch of their Signature range inkjet papers – Bringing together four of their most popular fine art inkjet papers with five world famous photographers.

Joe Cornish – Smooth Cotton 300
I aim to crystallise the endlessly varied light, colours and texture of nature in my landscape photographs. At the end of a chain of photographic processes, the print is the culmination and fulfilment of that effort, and the paper is critical to the success of the print. Fotospeed’s Smooth Cotton 300 is my paper of choice.

Trevor & Faye Yerbury – Natural Soft Textured Bright White 315
As traditional darkroom printers it has taken us many years to discover the right paper for our images that will capture and hold all of the shadow and highlight detail we demand. Natural Soft Textured Bright White is our preferred paper.

Charlie Waite – Platinum Etching 285
Landscape photography is much about discovery and photographers can only fully relish the rewards of their efforts when seen in the form of a print. The paper used for that print has to be as carefully considered as the image made. Discovering Fotospeed’s Platinum Etching 285 has been a revelation to me and has proved a vital tool in my ongoing quest to match pre-visualisation with end result.

John Swannell – Platinum Baryta 300
As a photographer I aim to capture the spirit of my subject. While technology has changed over the years the one thing I feel remains the same is the importance of the printed image. Fotospeed’s Platinum Baryta bridges the gap between the traditional darkroom papers and todays digital media. I find that whilst it is known for reproducing superb B&W images it should never be under estimated as a paper for colour work.

Over the coming weeks we will feature work from a variety of photographers.

Fotospeed Fine Art Paper are some of the most consistent and price effective Photo papers. Their PF Lustre 275 and Photo Smooth Pearl 290 are a stable for photographers all around the world.
Fotospeed papers come in 6 x 4”, 5 x7”, 8 x 10”, A4, A3, A3+ & A2 sheets and 17”, 24”, 36” & 44”, 50” & 60”

Call 1300 364 817 or email us to find out more

Pinchbooks for all photolab brands

Photo lab consumables range gets bigger and better

Photo Direct has more good news for those photo businesses requiring stock of pinchbooks. Now suitable for all brands of labs, the new sizes and windowless variants are a must-have item this season.
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