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Time For An Update: HP DesignJet Has New Driver Downloads Available

Time For An Update: HP DesignJet Has New Driver Downloads Available

HP DesignJet users now have access to new software — HP has recently released several routine driver updates which expand current printers compatibility all through free software. So what’s included and how do you install the new updates? Here’s what HP DesignJet wide format printer owners need to know.

What’s updating?

HP has released three new driver updates, one for Mac and two for Windows. Driver software is the program that allows your computer to communicate with the printers and keeping the software up-to-date can prevent future headaches by ensuring you are using the latest version with newly introduced compatibility and, occasionally, bug fixes.

The latest HP DesignJet Mac PostScript Driver is for Mac OS up to 10.11. The update, which was released on Jan. 31, adds support from the HP DesignJet T930, HP DesignJet T1530 and HP DesignJet T2530 Multifunction, with all the updates applying to those printer series.

The updates for Windows users are similar, each with compatibility for new printer systems. The HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver HP-GL/2 update includes support for the HP DesignJet T1700. The HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver PostScript, software for PostScript printers only, has also been updated to support the same T1700.

Routine updates of the printer driver can help prevent problems down the road. So how do you install the new printer driver updates?

How to install the HP DesignJet Wide Format Printer Driver Updates

For Windows users, with the printer on and no other programs running, users first need to download the driver from HP and select the “save this program to disk option.” Remember where you save the file, since you’ll need to access the file later in the process. Once downloaded, double click on the file to unzip. Then you need to navigate to the Printers Window and head to Start > Settings > Printers. Once there, click on “add a new printer” and the software will walk you through the steps. Make sure to click the “Have Disk” option and you will get a new window that asks you to locate the files you just downloaded — click on the one that ends with “.inf” and click okay and the new software will be installed.

On Mac, the process doesn’t have quite so many steps. After downloading, just double-click on the installer and the computer will walk through the program. Don’t forget to have the printer on during the installation process.

Regular software updates will help keep your printer system running smoothly — and the update only takes a few minutes. Lost somewhere in the update process? Photo Direct is happy to assist with the process — just give us a call and have your printer model number handy.