DiLand Kiosk Software

Photolab Equipment & Software

DiLand Kiosk Software features easy to use touch screen software to create print orders from digital images

  • Print products and channels are easily customizable: passport, borders, contact sheet, cluster, gifts, Photobooks, CDs and DVDs.
  • Automatically send print orders to dye-sub printers, minilabs, networked PCs, photofinishers via ftp or removable storage media.
  • It is possible to load third party frames and graphics to enable creative products like cards, calendars etc.
  • Event photography ordering system with dedicated image sources and price list.
  • Digital signage feature with customizable text, video and images for high impact promotional messages.

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Key DiLand Kiosk Software Features

  • Initial digital signage screen can be setup with images, video and promotional text messages.
  • Multiple image source selection to load customer’s images.
  • Load images from social network folders.
  • iPhone and iPad image loading via USB cable and via WiFi, with and without APP.
  • Clear card insertion instructions with 3D drawings.
  • Image selection and print copy quantity in one step.
  • Images can be enhanced and automatically corrected.
  • Each image can be adjusted, printed with FIT or FILL option, duplicated or printed in multiple sizes.
  • Image crop is easy to do with touchscreens by simply adjusting the yellow box on the image
  • Clear options for image enhancement.
  • Manual corrections can be enabled to allow customers doing manual image adjustments.
  • Images can be rotated also by fine steps.
  • Automatic Red eye correction.

Click to view sample DiLand Kiosk Software images.

Click to view sample software images


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