IG Wrap

IG Wrap is a time-saving, user-friendly and quality solution that will either improve your current margins if you already sell canvas or help you attract new customers into your store if you don’t.

Now anyone can wrap a printed canvas in store to create the perfect, gallery-wrapped canvas. Using IG Wrap’s patented canvas stretcher bars you can be an expert in minutes

Essentially the product comprises variable-sized canvas stretcher bars, fixing corners, tensioners and staples to ensure a professional-looking wrapped canvas. You can also wrap prints and not just canvas. Best of all there’s no need for staplers, hammers or special tools. To see how fantastic and easy IG Wrap

works watch the video below or for step by step instructions in PDF format please click here.

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Tips for making a perfect Wrapped Canvas using IG Wrap Stretcher Bars

  • Start with a clean working surface otherwise grit could scratch your canvas
  • If you are mounting on canvas, make sure to press the bars firmly down and apply a thin bead of glue before folding up the edges. The glue works in conjunction with the adhesive tape to make a permanent stretching.
  • To ensure proper adhesion across the entire bar we recommend that after you have closed the frame you apply pressure along the outside edge by pressing firmly with your hand where the tape makes contact with the material. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the tape to achieve maximum adhesion.
  • We recommend that liquid laminate be applied prior to mounting. If you wish to apply liquid laminate after mounting you must wait 2 to 3 hours for the glue to set. We recommend ClearShield Type C Liquid Laminate.
  • If you forget to glue you can remove the closing pins, open the frame and apply the glue.

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