HP Wide Format Software

HP Instant Printing applications make printing even easier

  • Simplify your workflow from file preparation to print processing.
  • Save time with accurate print previews.
  • Avoid wastage by seeing how your document will look on paper before printing.
  • Simply adjust, rotate, or re-scale the content before you send it to the printer.
  • Batch print multiple PDFs with the intuitive interface.
  • Easily drag and drop one or multiple PDF files.
  • Print to an HP Designjet printer without the need to have its driver installed.

This video below describes the benefits of using HP Instant Printing Utility. Viewers are provided with a demonstration of how to set-up a Designjet for use with the utility as well as open, prepare and print a file. The video shows Utility version 3.5 but the principals are the same for the other versions.

Below is the Instant Printing Utility compatibility table for you to determine which is the correct version for your HP printer.