YouTac Repositionable

YouTac is a repositionable PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) developed by the specialists in innovation: the award winning Innova Art team. YouTac is suitable for use with many substrates and will adhere to all non-porous and many porous surfaces. It can be removed and reapplied countless times without damaging walls and other surfaces.

Even better, YouTac leaves no adhesive residue behind – which means no more wasted time repairing walls after graphic installations have been removed. YouTac products are suited to a wide range of applications, from regularly changing outdoor displays, right through to home décor; brighten up some old furniture and avoid the mess of paint. How about a funky new feel for your office or reception area?

YouTac Repositionable

YouTac Textile

A fully repositionable Aqueous or Latex/Eco-Solvent/UV compatible textile with a unique PSA and unbeatable print quality. Stick it up on the wall and take it down again a day or weeks later when you change your mind, safe in the knowledge that there will be no residual adhesive to clean off.

YouTac Paper

A fully repositionable Aqueous or Eco-Solvent/Latex/UV compatible paper with a unique PSA. Great for a spur of the moment wall paper change or even for pasting up artwork in children’s bedrooms. Stick up their favourite celebrity poster and peel it off again when the Next Big Thing appears…

Available Sizes

YouTac Textile and YouTac Paper is available in the following sizes:

YouTac RepositionableAqueous Compatible
17″ wide 25m long roll
24″ wide 25m long roll
36″ wide 25m long roll
42″ wide 25m long roll
54″ wide 25m long roll
60″ wide 25m long roll

Eco-Solvent/Latex/UV Compatible
30″ wide 25m long roll
54″ wide 25m long roll
60″ wide 25m wide roll

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