What type of printer does your business really need?

Ink-jet printers tend to be classified by the size of the paper they handle and the type of ink used. Within the range available of Ink-jet printers available from Photo Direct there are principally two types of printers on offer – those that use aqueous (water-based) inks or those that use solvent-based inks. Should your output needs demand UV-cured inks we do have a limited range of printers available and in the first instance would recommend you speak to one of our sales staff.

Aqueous Printers

Thermal or Piezo inkjet printers use aqueous or water-based inks. The pigment is held in a non-reactive carrier solution and is generally water. Aqueous ink generally comes in two types – Dye and UV (UV is alternatively known as pigment inks). Dye ink is high in colour contrast and the blacks look darker and have more punch, but show a low tolerance to UV light and can fade quickly. By contrast Pigment inks have manufacturer ratings of between 150-200 years and a much improved contrast and colour gamut.

Applications best suited for Aqueous Printers

Photographic reproduction, Fine Art, Poster prints, Canvas prints, Light box film, Internal signage, Pull-up/Retractable banners, Point of Sale, Decals and Wall Graphics

Eco-solvent Printers

Eco-solvent is an innovative medium for images which are displayed outdoors, or when printing must be water-proof. That’s where Eco-solvent inks come into play. The ink or pigment is suspended in a solvent fluid carrier combined with pigment and/or resin, which will bite into those types of surfaces typically used outdoors. Research and development in eco-solvent inks is constantly improving environmental benefits and longevity.

Applications best suited for Eco-solvent

Poster prints, Canvas prints, Light box film, internal signage, Pull-up/Retractable banners, Point of Sale, Vehicle Graphics, Window graphics, Banners, Real Estate, Outdoor Signs, Teardrop Banners, Decals, Wall Graphics, Transparent partition and Stickers.

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