Production Binding Equipment

James Burn Equipment

James Burn Equipment from Photo Direct

James Burn is known as the creator of the original Wire-O® or double loop binding wire and the James Burn Lhermite® line is the worldwide leader in punching and binding equipment, especially for Wire-O® calendar binding and book binding. James Burn Lhermite® machines range from entry-level automatic and semi-automatic punch and bind machines for On-Demand printers to fully automated in-line production units for the largest binderies in the world.

If you are looking for quality production calender equipment then trust the brand that believes in dependability and durability in all of their machines. Go with the creators and only manufacturers of Genuine Original Wire-O® Binding Wire, James Burn International and Spiral James Burn.

Wire-O Spools

Wire-O Spools from Photo Direct

Our partner is the largest manufacturer in North America for Wire-O® binding supplies and Wire-O® binding spools (also known as Twin Loop Wire, Double-O® Wire and WireBind).

We offers all the wire binding supplies you need to create professionally bound documents and give your presentations a traditional, classic look. Wire-O® is available in a variety of colors at a 3:1 or 2:1 pitch.


Case Making

Case Making Equipment from Photo Direct

For large scale production of photo books a print shop needs a Perfect Binder, a Case Maker and a Single-Sided Laminator.

We offer the complete selection of all the Document Finishing Equipment required to assemble books, whether you are an On-Demand printer or a traditional bindery, we have years of experience and product experts to help recommend the right equipment for your application.


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