IG Canvas Wrap Solution

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All bars are 8 per box with 1 size per box , mix and match sizes to create the desired wrapped canvas size.



Wrapping or stretching canvas with traditional stretcher bars can a challenge but wrapping canvas with the IG wrap solution is easy.

IG Wrap is a time-saving, user-friendly and quality solution that will either improve your current margins if you already sell canvas or help you attract new customers into your store if you don’t.

Now anyone can wrap a printed canvas in store to create the perfect, gallery-wrapped canvas. Using IG Wrap’s patented canvas stretcher bars you can be an expert in minutes.

Essentially the product comprises variable-sized canvas stretcher bars, fixing corners, tensioners and staples to ensure a professional-looking wrapped canvas. You can also wrap prints and not just canvas. Best of all there’s no need for staplers, hammers or special tools.

The bars are provided 8 per box and sizes can be mixed to make a variety of sizes.

To get started you will need a set of reusable corners and the canvas trimmer.


Download PDF with Instructions here





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Bar Length

8" 20.3cm, 10" 25.4cm, 11" 27.9cm, 12" 30.5cm, 14" 35.5cm, 16" 40.6cm, 18" 45.7cm, 20" 50.8cm, 24" 60.9cm, 30" 76.2cm, 36" 91.4cm, 40" 101.6cm, 48" 121.9cm, 60" 152.4cm

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