Jetmaster Embossed Canvas Paper 200gsm 610mm x 30m

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Embossed Canvas Paper 200gsm 610mm x 30m or Faux Canvas

JetMaster Paper has been specially engineered to ensure the very best results from JetMaster Photo Wraps and can equally be used where a texture print finish is required.  With a high polyester content and flexible coating JetMaster paper prints beautifully without cracking when folding around JetMaster Photo Wrap frames – even the tricky areas of darker colours are safe.

Their resistance to surface cracking means that prints look as good on the wall as the day they were printed.

Unlike conventional inkjet canvases which typically need 24 hours to dry before they can be stretched, JetMaster Paper is tough enough to use straight from the printer. They can even be stretched over a wooden frame like a traditional canvas.

This aqueous inkjet compatible paper has an embossed textured surface that perfectly replicates the looks of a woven canvas and Innova Art’s award-winning expertise in digital media means you can be sure of optimum image quality.