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Epson SureLab D3000 Dry Lab

Trade-in offer on Epson Surelab SL-D3000

Ideal for traditional mini-labs, pro labs, school photographers, entertainment photo centres and franchise photo studios, the Epson Epson D3000 SureLabSureLab SL-D3000 can print up to 12-inches (30.5cm) wide to produce high quality photos, greeting cards, invitations, flyers, banners, promotional leaflets and other general purpose printed products such as order forms etc.

Photo Direct are offering attractive trade-in deals to help you trade up to the new Epson Dry Minilab. Photo Direct also has finance available to approved purchasers so it couldn’t be easier to upgrade to the Epson Surelab Sl-D3000


This innovative Epson dry mini-lab offers a variety of new business opportunities for printing professionals everywhere so contact your sales representative for a tantalizing trade-in deal now.


Three news snippets from Photo Finale

One of Lucidiom’s most popular kiosk features has been introduced to Photo Finale – Lucidiom’s online ordering solution. When customers are building a photo book and choose to auto-fill their photos, they’re now presented the opportunity to begin their project with additional pages. The site factors in the number of photos the customer has selected with their chosen book type and the available layouts in the selected style to come up with the optimal recommendations. APM Network sales metrics from the kiosk have shown this to be very effective at increasing average book sale order values, as long as retailers have a price set for all those additional pages. Retailers are advised to check their additional page prices and also to ensure their online print offerings and prices sync with their iPhone app offerings and prices.
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Photography Depth of Field Test

Let’s look at getting a better understanding of our camera today and have a look at ‘Depth of Field’.

This is often mentioned in photography articles and often it is assumed that everyone already understands what Depth of Field is. So today we are going to set you a challenge and take some test photos at home to really get a grip in Depth of Field and how it changes the look of your photos.
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HP 70 ink for HP designjet z3100

HP Designjet 70 Inks in stock

We have been getting feedback from the market that HP 70 Inks for HP Designjet printers are sometimes hard to find , Photo Direct keeps a full range of HP 70 inks in stock at all times so we can ship same day.

HP 70 Inks are suitable for the Designjet Z2100, Designjet Z3100 & Designjet Z3200 wideformat printers.

Place your order before 1pm and we’ll ship your order the same day.

Photo Direct are specialists in the Designjet Z2100 ,Designjet Z3100 and Designjet Z3200 and we have the following range of inks print heads in stock.
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Where to next with your Digital SLR?

Okay so you bought yourself a great new Digital SLR with all the bells and whistles. You got the two lenses that came in the kit and, after playing around with them for a while you want to take the next step and buy another lens that will really change the way your images look. So what are your options?
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Inkjet Production Cost Guarantee

Photo Direct supplies a wide range of inkjet printers including wideformat and minlab inkjet printers and there has been some discussion in the market around what does it cost to produce an inkjet print?

We know it’s important for our customers to understand their production costs so they can manage their sales prices.

Ink coverage is a variable cost with inkjet production so it becomes difficult to determine the exact price , however Photo Direct has access to very complex estimating tools and long term ink coverage results from actual production, and using these, we can provide accurate ink coverage information.
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Block Mounting a Print

Creating High Value Mounted Prints and Canvas



Following on from Keith Shiptons article, “Many players in photo books, canvas market”

Here’s some products you can use to move into the high value mounted prints and canvas business and what’s more you don’t need a massive capital investment, if you have a widefomat printer your investment is just stock, if you don’t have a wideformat give us a call 03 98941644 and we’ll explain the low cost of ownership and high return.
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