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HP Embedded Web Server

If you have a HP Designjet printer  you will find the Embedded Web Server to be a really useful tool.

The web server allows you see the status of your printer from any computer that can access the printers IP address allowing you to see a large range of information from supplies status to job queue and job accounting.

To access the Embedded Web Server simply type the printers IP address into a web browser anywhere on the network.


Price reductions on HP media

Popular sellers like 24” and 36” premium satin photo paper will now cost a lot less from Photo Direct following the recent reduction in price on a range of wide format media used on the Z series of HP printers.  For example a roll of Instant Dry, Satin 24” (Q7992A) is now just $104 down 20% from its previous price of $130.

The HP premium satin photo paper provides unrivalled image quality, immediate handling off the printer for worry-free lamination. It is compatible with HP dye and fade-resistant HP pigment inks for excellent versatility across a broad range of photo and display-graphics applications.

Does your store need more marketing presence?

A recent article in Photo Counter highlighted the need for specialty photo retailers to generate a broader and better profile in the market place.

As reported, for those outside the main buying/marketing groups, there are not too many places to turn to for help. Here at Photo Direct however our experienced sales and marketing team are always willing and ready to help you grow your business. And even just a little time and money invested in the right kind of marketing could return your business some uplifting results.

As well as tangible outcomes like website design, customer surveys and email marketing programs that help increase both your market presence and grow sales we’re able to help with a range of customised marketing activities. Whether your target market comprises keen, amateur photographers or new home buyers wanting personalised artwork to enhance their residences we can help you get results effectively and efficiently. If you are a Kodak, Fuji, or HP branded photo store needing to build your marketing presence in 2014 simply contact us today.

What Can Retailers Control in 2014?

news66_06As a business principle, to be successful, retailers should adapt their marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion, people, processes and physical evidence) to trends and developments in their market environment which is made up of the micro and the macro environments.

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What is Customer Delight?

Delighting customers has become a widely-used term in the world of retailing but it seems many photo retailers don’t yet fully understand or embrace the term.

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Top Trends in Imaging

news66_04There’s some good news coming out of Europe in terms of market trends for retailers and print service providers. At a recent presentation at the Dscoop EMEA Conference, Mette Erisksen from InfoTrends shared a number slides and commentary supporting European market forecasts for photo merchandise.

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Improving the profitability of each of your customers

news66_02Improving customer revenue and profitability should be a key aim for every photo retailer in 2014. You work hard to acquire your customers but do you work equally hard on leveraging their full potential?

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