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5 Elements To Shooting An Image That Sells

5 Elements To Shooting An Image That Sells

Photographers shoot the scenes that inspire, challenge and amaze — but a scene that’s inspiring isn’t always a scene that’s selling. So how do photographers determine what photos might sell better than others before investing their time — and money — into the shot? While the top selling images sometimes are surprises, often pinpointing one — or all — of these five elements tends to drive a photo up the sales charts on stock photography sites and other avenues as well.

Finding the Trends

The images people are looking to buy today aren’t the same images they were looking to buy five years ago. Trends change over time and photography is no exception. Some trends are influenced by technology — the increase in drones lead to a rise in aerial photographs while the popularity of action cameras spurred a point-of-view style of imagery. Keeping on top of the latest trends, both by following data and studies on what’s really selling and taking in the imagery we encounter every day, can help photographers determine what buyers are looking for.

Just add people

Images with people in them tend to sell more than those without. Using people inside a photograph can create a sense of connection or even a sense of scale. We instantly know how small a coffee cup is wrapped in someone’s hands and how big a landscape is with a small person standing within it. Adding people to the shot often takes more work to hire models and file model releases, but that extra work often makes a big difference.

Stick with the seasons

Photographs freeze a moment in time — and images themed around a certain season or holiday tend to sell, at least for stock photography sites. Heading out as the seasons change is both a good way to get a variety of different shots and boost your sales. If you shoot early in the season, you can upload the photos just as demand peaks. Or, you can photograph them and save them for uploads the next time that season comes around. Besides just seasons, holiday-themed photos also tend to sell well.

Think specific subjects and abstract ideas

In stock photography, the trick is to find a subject that not very many photographers are shooting but a lot of buyers are picking up. That could be from a new technology, a rare food item or a hard-to-get-to location, just to name a few. Along with those specifics topics, photos that convey something that’s difficult to do in imagery are also sought out — perhaps a landscape can depict feelings of isolation or grandeur. Whenever a photo may encompass a more abstract idea, be sure to use those terms in the keywords, or buyers won’t even come across your photo.

Colour and Composition

The right subjects, trends and seasons still won’t sell if the photography simply isn’t good. An image with an unusual colour palette, whether that’s bright or almost no colour at all, is going to stand out right away in the search results. A unique composition, perhaps emphasising pattern or shot from a different angle, is also a good way to stand out to stock photo buyers.

Photographers that are only in it for the money often fail — but when a photographer is both driven by the art and considerate of business decisions, he or she is likely to succeed. In stock and several other areas, photographers are more likely to sell when they consider the latest trends and seasons, incorporate people or hard-to-find subjects, and use excellent colour and composition.

The Best Photo Sharing Sites For Photographers

The Best Photo Sharing Sites For Photographers

An average of 1.8 billion photos are uploaded to the web every day — but just where are those photos going? When it comes to sharing photos, there’s no shortage of options from social media networks to website hosting services. But, which ones meet the needs of photographers the best? Which ones allow photographers to expand their reach, showcase their work, book more clients and inspire the world? Here are some of the best photo sharing sites for photographers, based on web traffic as well as features so you can find the best online gallery to display your work.


The latest estimates suggest that 781 photos are uploaded to the popular social network Instagram — every second. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is centered on photos — you can’t share text-only posts. Instagram’s popularity and photo-centric design makes it a great option for expanding your reach as a photographer. There are a few shortfalls though — you have to upload from a smartphone or tablet, so if you’re shooting on a DSLR you have to transfer shots to your phone first, another step that other platforms don’t require.


Flickr is a photo sharing site designed specifically for photographers — which means you can upload fully edited photos from your computer or still share from your smartphone if you’d like. Alexa ranks Flickr as the third most visited photo sharing site on the web. Flickr allows photographers to share fully copyrighted images or public domain images that others can re-use with attribution. With a design that reads the exif data from your photos, it also does more than simply sharing the photo, offering insight into how it was shot as well.


Photobucket is for sharing photos — but it’s also for storing files and ordering prints too. Unlike Instagram and Flickr, Photobucket isn’t free, but most large cloud storage programs aren’t either. With 60 million visitors a month, they must be doing something right.

Deviant Art

Deviant Art is for all artists, not just photographers, but with over 42 million members, it’s certainly worth a look. This platform is a community for creating a portfolio or sharing with other artists. One of the platform’s best features is the ability to sell prints and digital downloads online.


While some photo platforms are designed more as a social option, SmugMug is more geared towards building an online portfolio. Data suggests SmugMug receives over five million unique monthly visitors. With SmugMug, photographers can share images in a portfolio, store files online, create online ordering galleries for clients to order from directly — and even upload with a Lightroom plug-in and from a mobile app. Unlike options like Instagram, SmugMug isn’t free, but it’s one of the top options for sharing photos in a professional, custom photography site.

The internet’s accessibility makes it ideal for sharing photos, whether the end goal is to build a business or simply share a passion. But, with  photography’s popularity, there are hundreds of ways to share your photos on the web — Instagram, Flickr, Photobucket, Deviant Art and SmugMug are some of best photo sites with the most viewers.

Reduce your Taxable Income “Courtesy of the Treasurer”

Reduce your Taxable Income “Courtesy of the Treasurer”

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This concession also applies even if you finance the asset provided you use the appropriate finance method.

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Reduce your Taxable Income “Courtesy of the Treasurer”

4 Tips To Get Your Business Ready For Any Holiday

4 Tips To Get Your Business Ready For Any Holiday

Holidays from Christmas to Father’s Day can bring a sales boost to small businesses — but only with the right strategy. Hanging a sign in the doorway isn’t going to cut it if you want to draw big sales. But, with a few tricks, small businesses can boost their sales with the holidays that happen year round — here’s a few holiday sales tips that can be adapted to any special season.

Connect with the real meaning of the holiday.

If you set out just to make more money because it’s a holiday season, you’re going to fail. Start by recognising the reason that the holiday is celebrated in the first place. Perhaps it’s a day meant for family, one meant to remember lost loved ones or one to celebrate patriotic pride and national heritage. Whatever the holiday is, start out with the reason your customers celebrate in mind. If celebrating religious holidays doesn’t mix with your brand, celebrate bringing family together without alienating the customers celebrating for religious reasons. Don’t make the same mistake Verizon did when they called Thanksgiving ‘Thanksgetting’ and turn customers away by ignoring what the holiday was actually meant for in the first place.

Brainstorm ways to connect products or services with the holiday.

With the meaning of the holiday in mind, start brainstorming ways to connect the holiday to your products or services. Gifting holidays are easier to connect, while others may be trickier to come up with ideas for, but that doesn’t mean those holidays are impossible to create promotions for. A business that doesn’t sell Halloween costumes could invite trick or treaters on Halloween and hand out candy and coupons too, or perhaps offer a small free “treat” with every purchase. Photographers could celebrate the Back to School Season by offering a student special, or celebrate smaller holidays with mini sessions with props themed around that special day.

Schedule social media posts and other promotions.

Once you’ve decided on a way to tie your product with the holiday, use that connection in marketing. If you don’t tell anyone that you’re giving out lollies and coupons for Trick or Treating, how can you expect anyone to show up? Schedule social media posts and email campaigns, as well as exploring traditional print or broadcast marketing avenues. A holiday special doesn’t do much good if no one knows about it. It’s also a good idea to set up a social media post unrelated to the sales, just wishing your customers a happy holiday.

Don’t forget gift cards.

Some service oriented businesses find it harder to participating in the gifting holidays — but with gift cards, these businesses can use holiday seasons to promote their business too. Photographers can create gift cards for family photo sessions for Mother’s Day. Gift cards at salons allow customers to give the gift of some pampering to loved ones. Once you decide to offer gift cards, be sure to promote them too.

Holidays can be both times to celebrate and times to grow your business. When your goal is just to make money, customers will see through that — but by tying the meaning of the celebration into your promotions, you can create specials for any holiday.