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5 Ways for Small Businesses to Optimise Online Sales

5 Ways for Small Businesses to Optimise Online Sales

Customers are increasingly looking online before shopping, whether that’s for true e-commerce or by checking out a business website before coming to the brick-and-motar store. Today, the customer experience often starts well before the customer walks into a store — if they walk into a store at all. And a slow, organised or otherwise optimised website begins that customer experience off on the wrong foot.

So what should small businesses do to optimise the online experience? Here are five things to consider to deliver the best possible customer experience — online.

Make sure your website is running efficiently.

Waiting for a page to load is the modern equivalent of waiting too long in the checkout line. Small businesses should regularly check their website for possible speed improvements. Visitors are more likely to click that back button if a website doesn’t load quickly, not to mention the bad first impression if they do stick around patiently. Some common factors of slow webpages are cluttered code and unnecessarily large image files, to name a few.

Ensure email marketing efforts are helpful, not annoying.

No one likes junk mail — so where do your email marketing efforts fall? If subscribers aren’t opening your emails, it’s time to rethink your email tactics. Consider adjusting how often you send out the emails. Revamp your subject lines. Rework the topics to ensure the emails are helpful. Set up emails to send when a customer hasn’t opened an email in awhile. The key is to reach customers, without driving them to click that unsubscribe button.

Keep your website well organised.

How hard is it to find something on your website? Potential customers will quickly look elsewhere if they can’t find what they need. Make sure your website has a simple, straight-forward menu system that organises all the different pages in a simple way. Add a search bar for finding specific items. Correctly categorise blog posts. Include shortcuts to main pages from easy-to-access locations.

Test your website.

Finding errors in your own website is tough. Just like proofreading your own emails only to see an error as you hit the send button, having someone else test your website will help highlight issues and possibilities for improvement that you didn’t see. Invite a handful of people to test your website. Encourage testers to click on all the links, to start an online order, and to explore the website. Prepare a list of questions to ask about the experience, then leave an open-ended question to allow testers to offer their own insight.

Revisit your website on a regular basis.

Websites aren’t meant to be static. Along with posting current information, small businesses should regularly look for ways to improve their online presence. At least every few months, brainstorm new, helpful content to add to the website. Consider ways to enhance the performance of the website. Evaluate options for grabbing attention on the home page.

As the welcome mat to a business, small business websites should deliver a positive customer experience. By considering what’s working and what’s not, small businesses can help create a positive experience before a customer even places an order or walks into the store.

Visit Photo Direct at Printex19

We’d love you to see you on stand E06 at Printex19 this August. We will be showcasing our newest products as well as all the popular favourites.

Come and meet the team, grab some samples and chat to us about how we can help your business grow.

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New Technology from Bindomatic.

Bindomatic Accel Ultra +

Come and see first hand our amazing suite of Bindomatic Machines at the Photo Direct Stand #E06 during Printex 19 (Sydney Showground 13-16 August, 2019).

Bindomatic Thermal Binding Advantage

Whether you are a corporation, a small business or an individual, our Bindomatic covers and thermal binding machines allow you to make a definitive positive impression the first time. Whether you need one copy or a 1000, we have the binding machine to produce superior, professionally bound-looking documents. You can create bound documents In-house, On Demand and in Real Time, quickly and simply. By empowering business men and women with an innovative and patented Bindomatic machine and document binding process, we are putting print-shop quality, perfectly bound documents at your fingertips.

The New Accel Ultra

New ground has been broken in document binding efficiency with the new Accel Ultra. Designed with the high-end user in mind, the Accel Ultra boasts double the loading capacity and has cut processing time in half. Our third-generation thermal binding machine binds one document per second —  45 times faster than punch & bind and 30 times faster than tape binding.

Our innovative Drop & Go Technology truly sets the Accel Ultra apart from all others. By batch-feeding up to 50 documents into the machine, the operator is free to work in parallel. You simply Drop & Go!

Thanks to its intuitive simplicity, ease of use, and binding speed, the Accel Ultra is the ideal binding solution for users that bind large volumes of documents at once; the perfect solution for large print room or CRD environments.

See how it works here.

The Cube

Bindomatic has enhanced our Drop & Go Technology, making the Accel Cube an amazing two times faster than the previous generation. Its efficiency is rivaled only by the Bindomatic® Accel Ultra. Documents move through the machine twice as fast, dramatically boosting efficiency. The Accel Cube features additional upgrades including increased quality and strength of the bound documents as well as improved appearance of the machine.

The document applications that benefit from the professional impression achieved when bound using the Bindomatic solution, are virtually endless. And it has never been easier to create that professional look – read on and be inspired!

See how it works here.




The Bindomatic Flex

The Bindomatic Flex is a powerful, yet compact, document binder that can be used on its own or complement our larger machines. The binding plate accommodates documents up to 350mm in spine length, and with the adjustable guide has the capacity to bind multiple documents simultaneously providing you quick turnaround when you need it. This tabletop binder delivers remarkable productivity in a small space, making it perfect for small businesses and larger offices alike. 

Bind documents as thick as 54mm, (540 sheets) soft covers, hard covers; this binder will bind them all and do it stronger and more effectively than any comparable manual binding system on the market, up to 15 documents per minute.

If you need to remove, replace or add sheets, simply re-heat the binding. With the wide range of Bindomatic® covers, your business presentations, reports, proposals, statements, manuals etc, will always look and feel as professional as the content and message of your document.

See how it works here.

The document applications that benefit from the professional impression achieved when bound using the Bindomatic solution, are virtually endless.  It has never been easier to create that professional look.

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Click Software Update - Hp Designjet Printers

Click Software Update – Hp Designjet Printers

HP have released the latest version of their simple to use CLICK software for use with Designjet Printers.

Make sure you click on the link here to update your software as soon as possible to utilise all the benefits of  your CLICK software.

EASY—Radically simple  printing

  • Enables one-click printing
  • Simple settings
  • Real-print preview
  • Drag and drop multi-page PDF

SAVE—Optimize media  usage and costs

  • Auto-orientation
  • Resizing and alignment
  • Automatic nesting
  • PDF error check

DO MORE—Produce a  wide range of applications

  • From posters and roll-up banners  to CAD drawings and maps
  • Print from Windows, Mac OS  to HP DesignJet and HP PageWide    XL 3900, 4×00 and 5×00 Printer series

Any questions please call us on 03 9894 1644 or email today

Glossy vs. Matte Finish: What print type is best?

Glossy vs. Matte Finish: What print type is best?

It’s the paper or plastic of the photography printing world: glossy or matte finish? While the choice of a finish may be a matter of artistic opinion, there are still a few qualities that each print type offers that may make one better than the other for certain applications. So in the glossy vs. matte finish debate, which print type is the right one for you?

Glossy photo finish

Glossy photos do just what their name implies — they gloss over the photograph, giving it a nice shine. The paper and the coating behind that glossy photograph is actually made up of the same stuff as a matte image, except that more of the final coating is used. That extra layer of shine tends to give the image an apparent boost in color and, well, like anything with a bit of shine to it, just looks pretty.

The problem with the glossy photo finish is that it creates glare. You’ll see light reflecting off the photo itself, making it hard to view equally under different lighting scenarios. One of the issues many photographers have with glossy photos is also the fingerprints they tend to attract. The finish of a glossy photo leaves the print more susceptible to fingerprints, which means photos that will see a good deal of handling aren’t the ideal shots to use with a glossy finish.

Bottom line: Glossy photos are good for colorful shots — but only if you don’t mind glare or fingerprints.

Matte photo finish

With less of that final shiny layer, matte prints offer a similar lifespan, but without that glossy sheen. Matte photographs don’t quite have the same color boost as glossy — though if you shoot and process the photo right, you can still get a good deal of color from a matte print. Matte photos tend to be better for less vibrant color schemes or monochrome shots, particularly if you were trying to imitate a film effect. Where the glossy finish tends to emphasize color, matte prints tend to play up the texture in an image.

Without that extra gloss, the matte photo isn’t as susceptible to shine and fingerprints. In general, though it’s not always the case, professional photographers tend to choose matte over glossy because of the lower likelihood of glare and fingerprinting. While matte tends to play up texture, the image may look bit grainer because of that enhanced texture, however.

The bottom line: Favored more by pros, the matte finish doesn’t glare or fingerprint, but the tendency to highlight texture could also bring out unwanted texture like noise from high ISOs.

A matte photograph’s anti-reflective qualities often makes it a better choice for framing large prints, while the enhanced color may help snapshots stand out more with a glossy finish. While there is no right or wrong answer when choosing your photo finish, there are pros and cons of each type that are important to understand in order to get the most from your prints.

3 Canon Pro-Printer Bundles

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Canon iPFTX-4000 – 44”

iPFTX4000 44″ 5 Colour Pigment
Technical Large Format Printer

  • Multifunctional Roll System
  • 3 Year On-Site Support and Service
  • Delivery and installation
  • PosterArtist Software
  • Stacker for TX-4000
  • Roll of Matt Coated Paper

 Worth $14,193 +gst

For only $10,495 + gst

Or from only $50.50 + gst per week over 5yrs


Canon iPF PRO-4000 – 44”

  • Canon Pro-4000 Printer & Stand
  • LUCIA PRO 12 colour starter inks
  • Multifunctional Roll System
  • Delivery and installation
  • 5 Year On-Site Support and Service
  • 44” roll of Smooth Pearl Satin 290gsm paper

Worth $18,065 +gst

For only $11,500 + gst

Or from only $55.50 + gst per week over 5yrs


Canon iPF PRO-6000 – 60”

  • Canon Pro-6000 Printer & Stand
  • LUCIA PRO 12 colour starter inks
  • Multifunctional Roll System
  • 5 Year On-Site Support and Service
  • Delivery and installation
  • 60” roll of Smooth Pearl Satin 290gsm paper

Worth $22,368 +gst

For only $14,995 + gst

Or from only $72.30 + gst per week over 5yrs


Terms and conditions:
Finance is an approximation. Offer valid to 30th June 2019.

Click to view more information on these printers

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5 Ways for Small Businesses to Please Angry Customers

5 Ways for Small Businesses to Please Angry Customers

No matter how much effort you put into customer service, it’s rare for a business to please 100 percent of their customers. So what happens when a customer is angry with your business? How should small businesses handle customers that had a negative experience with your company? Done right, small business owners can ease an angry customers concerns and even make it likely that same person will shop with you again. Here are five customer service tips to make it happen.

Admit when you are at fault.

Technical error cause a shipping delay? Printer produce a misprinted album or photo print? If the customer has a legitimate complaint, don’t try to place blame elsewhere. Customers are often surprised at the businesses that admit their own mistakes. Sure, admitting when you made a mistake is hard to do, but that immediately gets you started off on the right foot fixing the issue.

Offer a way to make it right.

If the customer has a legitimate complaint, find a way to make it right. If, for example, that photo printer malfunction caused a problem in one of the products the customer received. Replace it. Even better, replace it with overnight shipping and offer a coupon for a future order. That lets customers know that you recognise that their time is valuable, and that the issue is one that you’re working to fix.

Create a system for customer service that takes care of dissatisfied customers immediately.

An angry customer is often quick to find a different business. Small businesses should make it a priority to develop a system that recognises angry customers right away to take care of the problem. Don’t wait before tackling customer complaints. Develop a process so that all of your employees know how to handle customer complaints and so those issues get taken care of quickly.

Use technology to avoid wasting valuable time.

The task of handling angry customers immediately sound like just another thing to add to your long to do list? Offset some of the work that’s necessary for keeping customers happy — and reviews positive — using technology. Small businesses may not have the tools of larger businesses, but there are still a few options for using technology to answer some of the most frequently asked customer questions so time spent on customer service can be better spent on tasks that can’t be automated.

Something as simple as adding an FAQ question to your website and making sure your hours, return policies, location, and other basic details are easy to find will help. Look into creating an automated help bot online — even if you don’t have the resources to build a custom chat bot, small businesses can even create one with services like Facebook Messenger without spending a lot of money.

Consistency is key.

Small business owners should work to ensure customers are receiving a consistent experience across the board. The customer with the $20 order should be treated the same way as the customer with the $200 order. Work to make sure your customer experience is positive no matter how customers shop, whether that’s online or in store.

Businesses are bound to have unhappy customers sometimes — but how you manage those customers says a lot about your business — and could even encourage those customers to try your business again.

4 Ways to Create Happy Customers -- Through Happy Employees

4 Ways to Create Happy Customers — Through Happy Employees

Everyone, at some point, has experienced bad customer service. The culprit is often the same — an unhappy employee. A disgruntled employee can quickly give your customer service experience a turn for the worse. While everyone has a bad day — employees included — businesses can take several steps to help build a healthy work culture. In turn, a healthy work culture can improve customer satisfaction.

Here are four ideas for small businesses to improve both employee culture — and customer satisfaction.

Ensure employees feel valued.

An employee that feels valued is in a much better position to deliver positive customer experience. And employees that feel like they are making a difference in the workplace are less likely to leave the company, saving time and training costs.

So how do small business owners help employees feel valued? Start by asking yourself what makes you feel valued and work to deliver those same things to your staff. Share your business’ success stories with even the entry level employees to show that what your company, and your employees, are doing matters. Encourage employees to communicate issues and respond to any problems as soon as possible.

Track staff performance — and offer incentives.

Do you know offhand which of your employees are among the most productive? Tracking what each employee accomplishes can allow you to offer incentives for the top performing employees every month. Building fun contests can help keep morale up and increase productivity. Brainstorm different ways to offer incentives outside of simply meeting a quota. Create an photo contest where the employee that snaps a promotional workplace photo that gains the most Instagram likes gets a prize. Have a custom contest on Halloween. Something that simple can help break up the monotony of the workweek.

Take care, however, because using quotas can quickly make employees feel like just a number. Remember to look at more than production, but employees who put an extra effort into customer service or otherwise go above and beyond the usual duties.

Build connection among employees.

Having a friend at work makes going to work more enjoyable — which in turn can help create both happier employees and happier customers. Brainstorm ways to build your staff as a whole, not just as individual employees. Schedule team building activities. Encourage conversation in the break room with an occasional treat. Host a simple event to bring employees together. Turn those contests into team contests rather than individual ones.

Don’t forget the employee benefits.

Ultimately, no matter how positive the work environment is, employees come to work to, well, work. Ensure the benefits that you offer are competitive and employee focused. Benefits aren’t exclusively tied to finances, either. Employees also value flexibility, such as the ability to take time off, a telecommute option, and flexible scheduling.

Happy employees are much more likely to deliver that positive customer experience. Studies show that employees who enjoy their work tend to stay longer, reducing costs for the company. Don’t focus so much on the customer that you forget the people who are actually working directly with those customers.