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Last minute Christmas Shoppers

Catch all those last minute Christmas shoppers and increase your sales !!


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Make sure you order any paper, canvas, ink, block mounts or canvas bar stocks as soon as possible as it is called the silly season for a reason.

The amount of activity on the roads nearly triples so unfortunately our deliveries may be slowed down a little. We are working hard to get all your orders out so you can have a Merry Merry December selling beautiful gifts to your customers.


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5 inventory management tips for small businesses

5 inventory management tips for small businesses

Out of stock notices send potential customers to your competitors — yet managing inventory can be one of the more challenging tasks of running a business. Putting a few best practices in place, however, can help small business owners stay on top of inventory and keep the orders flowing, without having an over-abundance of product.

Struggling with inventory? Try these five inventory management tips for small businesses.

Try an inventory management software.

Managing inventory takes up a lot of time — switching to an inventory management software can free up a lot of your time for extra tasks, while also helping you to keep better track of your inventory. Inventory programs range in price, but there are a few solid options that aren’t terribly expensive. Some e-commerce hosting platforms also offer inventory tracking programs that work in both an online story and brick-and-motor store.

Prioritise your biggest sellers.

What are your top five products? Your top ten? Prioritise the inventory management for those top items, since running out would have a bigger impact than if you ran out of one of your smaller filler items. When reworking your inventory system, be sure to start with these products.

Watch for trends and patterns.

Every business has a slow and busy season, while many products are more in demand at one time of the year over another. Watch for such patterns in your business so that you can prepare to have enough inventory for your busy season while avoiding overstocking during the slow season. Make notes in your calendar when products tend to sell faster or slower, and consult that calendar when reordering.

Organise your stock room.

Ever think you were out of something, only to find a giant box tucked away some place unexpected? Organisation is key to properly managing inventory. Create an organisation scheme that works for your industry — you could organise by season, alphabetically, by product type, or by demand, for example. Once you’ve decided where everything should go, make sure employees know that same system by clearly labelling which space is designated for which item.

Go all out with a label maker.

With an organisation scheme in place, keep things tidy by organising each section as well as each palette of product.  Including vital data on each label is a good idea — like the name, description, expiration date (if applicable), and when the item tends to have busy and slow seasons. If you use an inventory management software, you can sometimes create labels with bar codes or print labels and stock lists using the program.

Managing inventory can be a challenging task, but with some software, organisation, and a few other tricks, small business owners can ensure products are in stock with less worry.

The Pros and Cons of Free Shipping

The Pros and Cons of Free Shipping

Sometimes an online purchase all comes down to the shipping cost — which is why major retailers like Amazon and Walmart are trying to beat out the competition with fast, free shipping. But is free shipping right for small businesses? What should businesses consider before offering free shipping? Make the right choice by considering the pros and cons of free shipping.

Free Shipping Pros

Free shipping can encourage a purchase.

Savvy customers compare shipping costs when comparing prices at online stores. If the product costs less at your store, but costs more with shipping, customers will buy from your competitor instead. Customers will consider the total cost, including shipping, when determining if a product fits in their budget.

Free shipping can encourage a larger purchase.

Free shipping typically has a minimum order. If you set the free shipping minimum at $50, and the customer has $40 worth of items in their cart, they will likely buy more products rather than pay for shipping. Setting a minimum encourages customers to spend more on products in order to get that free shipping.

Free shipping can make your business more competitive.

Finally, if a competitor offers free shipping and you do not, who do you think customers are going to buy from? Free shipping helps businesses stay competitive, when other businesses are offering free shipping. And when other businesses are not offering free shipping, it makes your company look even more lucrative.

Free Shipping Cons

Nothing is ever free.

Free shipping really just means the shipping cost is built into the price of the product — you wouldn’t stay in business if you covered the cost of shipping but your prices aren’t high enough to cover that cost. When you have to build in the cost of shipping, that can inflate the prices of your products.

Free shipping is no longer special when you offer it 24/7.

While free shipping all the time has its perks, offering free shipping like a sale — i.e. for a limited time — can encourage more customers to place their order within that window. Free shipping isn’t going to encourage extra orders when you have free shipping all the time. A happy middle ground would be to lower the minimum order amount during a sale, if you want to offer free shipping all year round.

Free shipping may encourage fewer in-store purchases.

If your business has a brick and mortar location as well as an online store, free shipping may encourage even local customers to order online instead. When customers order online, you don’t gain that face-to-face interaction and customers don’t see your in-store promotions or walk by that item that catches their eye.

Free shipping has several perks for small business, such as encouraging a purchase, upselling, and standing out from the competition. But free shipping can also get expensive, and mean fewer in-store purchases, while offering free shipping 24/7 means free shipping no longer feels like a deal to the customer.

New HP Graphics Printer Bundle Deals

New HP Graphics Printer Bundle Deals!!

A fantastic opportunity to get into a State-of-the-Art Graphics HP Z9+ Wide Format printer, available in 24” & 44”.

Impress the most demanding customers with smooth transitions and sharp details thanks to HP Pixel Control. No need for light inks using new high-definition HP printheads with dual drop technology. Achieve expanded gamut with RGB HP Vivid Photo Inks and the embedded spectrophotometer

Enjoy one-click printing that also helps reduce media waste using HP Click printing software. Up to 2.5 times faster printing compared to the HP DesignJet Z3200 Photo Printer series without losing quality, with 2400 nozzle-per-inch high-definition printheads.

Option 1

  • HP DesignJet Z9+ 24” Postscript Printer
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Click Software (Ultra easy to use, drag and drop, great for beginners)
  • 1 x Roll of Canvas (to fit full width of printer)
  • 1 x HP Universal Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper – 235gsm

Starting from $39.50 Per week* (plus GST)

Option 2

  • HP DesignJet Z9dr 44” V-Trimmer Printer (Two automatic roll feeds)
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Click Software (Ultra easy to use, drag and drop, great for beginners)
  • 1 x Roll of Canvas (to fit full width of printer)
  • 1 x HP Universal Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper – 235gsm

Starting from $55.50 Per week* (plus GST)

Watch a short Z9+ Video here.

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Terms and conditions apply
While stocks last.
*Finance is an approximation,
Offer valid to 15th December 2019
5 ways to jazz up your email marketing list

5 ways to jazz up your email marketing list

Building an email marketing list is only half the battle of developing a great email marketing plan. So what’s the other half? Determining what to send out. Emails should be regular, but not overbearing, and that regularity tends to make the ideas for a good email run dry quickly. So what type of emails should you be sending out to potential customers? Here are five of the best types of emails to send, according to Vertical Response.

Makeover your sales emails.

Sales don’t do much good if no one knows about them. Send out an email detailing what the current sale is. The subject line should make the sale clear right away, while the body of the email should be short and simple — entice them with a sale and give them an end date to encourage fast action, don’t send a novella to their inbox.

Send out advice and tips emails.

The emails that you send should be worthwhile, or you’ll get lots of clicks on that unsubscribe button. Saving money is a worthwhile reason to stay subscribed, but so is learning something new. Consider sending out an email with a tip, tutorial or recipe related to your business or product. Brainstorm the things your customers may want to hear about and use those ideas to reach out with that email list.

Learn exactly what your customers want with a survey.

Part of successful marketing is understanding exactly what your customers wants and what their pain points are — and what better way to do that then to ask your customers directly? Sending out a survey allows you to gather valuable information that you can use in future marketing campaigns (and, yes, emails) as well as decisions such as which products to stock. Taking a survey isn’t exactly something most people enjoy, so make it more enticing with a discount for anyone who participates.

Embrace the email newsletter.

An email newsletter lets customers know what’s happening with your business, outside of things like sales and coupons. The newsletter helps create a more long term relationship by showing who you are and what you care about. Include things like new products, tips and advice, company accomplishments, employees of the month and more.

Encourage re-orders.

For companies that sell items that customers frequently purchase again, consider sending out an email to remind customers when it’s almost time to repurchase. This takes some time to set up and a platform that will track purchases and automatically send those reminders, but can be a big help both for customers who don’t want to run out and your sales.

Emails remain a powerful marketing tool — but only if you use them right. Part of that is email etiquette like not sending out emails too frequently, but another big part of that is providing valuable information by using a variety of different types of emails. Consider jazzing up your emails with sales, tips, surveys, newsletters and reminders.

Jetmaster Photo Wraps

Jetmaster Photo Wraps are a brilliant solution to offer your customers who want to achieve a canvas look but, on a shoe-string budget. Jetmaster is also perfect for temporary displays such as trade shows or show homes where you want maximum impact for minimum investment.

With three convenient sizes to choose from, your customers will be able to find the right size that fits their wall space as well as their budget.  Sizes are 12×12”, 11×14” and 16×20”.  Rollers are also available to help your staff achieve a perfect finish.

The JetMaster base is a pre-cut, pre-laminated corrugated board. Press your print down and smooth, fold in the edges of the board – and hang. No bubbles, no untidy corners, no staples and no hooks. A fully assembled JetMaster gallery wrap is so light it can be hung from just one tack.  JetMaster boards are made from mostly recycled content and are fully recyclable. The sturdy corrugated board construction ensures prints don’t bow or sag over time.

Watch a short video here.

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