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Is 2020 a revolutionary year for delivery? Here’s what small businesses need to know

Is 2020 a revolutionary year for delivery? Here’s what small businesses need to know

Just a year or two ago, two-day delivery was fast. But it’s 2020 and Amazon has same-day delivery and restaurants and grocery stores will now deliver to your door. The shipping of online transactions has changed drastically over the last few years — and small businesses not in the know could be left behind. Here are five key delivery trends small businesses need to consider.

Speed is key.

In order to compete with each other, online stores started offering faster delivery speeds. Soon enough, everyone was wanting to compete and delivery speeds jumped from a week to just days. If you can offer your customers a product faster, you could open up a lot of potential income from customers that just can’t wait — or that would buy from competitors for a faster delivery.

Services make the impossible deliveries possible.

Small businesses can’t be expected to do same-day deliveries themselves — and that’s where a service comes in. Fast food restaurants now use Doordash to deliver food to customers for a fee. Grocery stores are using companies like Shipt to shop and deliver groceries to busy customers. Explore the different options and services that would work for your business. In many cases, the customer pays for the service, ideal for busy customers willing to pay more for added convenience.

Data makes deliveries even sweeter.

When will that delivery come? Giving customers more detail on the delivery is another key to customer satisfaction. Look for a shipping service that offers advanced tracking tools — even better, one that offers an estimated delivery time and not just a date.

Free shipping is expected.

Customers comparison shop and include any shipping costs when considering who to buy from. Free shipping is becoming so common, it’s nearly standard. Most will include a minimum purchase requirement, which tends to actually encourage customers to buy more in order to reach that free shipping rate. Here’s where knowing the competition comes in handy — is a competitor offering free shipping at a lower minimum purchase than you are?

The essentials are still, well, essential.

Speed, delivery services, detailed tracking, free shipping — none of it actually matters if the order doesn’t actually get there. When working to expand your shipping to offer more convenience to customers, make sure that you aren’t missing the essentials. If the package doesn’t arrive on time or is damaged, none of that matters. Make sure to choose a shipping partner that will ensure those things, including delivery to rural or hard-to-access areas.

Delivery trends for online shipping have grown rapidly in the last few years. Look for new ways to offer customers more convenience in getting their orders, and you can open up big potential for growth.

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5 Key Retail Trends to Watch in 2020

5 Key Retail Trends to Watch in 2020

A new decade is here — and retailers are facing a quickly changing industry. Businesses that stay on top of the trends, however, can capitalise new technology and increase customer base and profits. So what trends are experts predicting for 2020?

The gap between online and in-store is all but gone.

E-commerce and in-person shopping in 2020 will no longer feel like entirely different beasts. Online stores now have pop-up physical stores — Like Amazon’s cashier-free stores, for example. And traditional brick-and-motor stores have almost all jumped on the online shopping, offering multiple ways for customers to buy and convenience like in-store pick-up. Local stores are also beginning to use delivery services to allow for local same day delivers for a fee, including grocery stores and restaurants with platforms like Door Dash. Many stores blend the online and in-person experience with an app that allows customers to shop online, located items in-store and check stock, and clip and save coupons and offers.

Speed is key.

Watching giants like Amazon is a good indicator of what trends are coming up next — and Amazon Prime now offers customers two day shipping, allowing online shoppers to receive their items faster than ever before. Other major retailers have followed suite. Small businesses should take note of this trend and brainstorm ways to offer customers additional speed. Along the same line, customers appreciate other changes that help save time, like in-store pick-ups and a well-built app or website that offers fast load times.

Subscriptions are making huge growth.

The number of customers subscribing to a service has skyrocketed in recent years. From clothing, food, and nappies to ebooks and photo books, subscriptions are convent, hands-off and fast options for customers. Even small businesses can brainstorm subscription options and auto re-fills.

Experience is paramount.

Along with speed, customers are looking for a shopping experience. Companies that have been able to brainstorm ways to improve customer experience, or even offer something entirely new, have seen major benefits. From the experience of niche pop-up stores to in-app augmented reality tools to try before you buy, businesses should consider the experience that they are offering customers, both online and off.

Social shopping is growing.

Customers today often use more than one platform for shopping or browsing products. Chief among them is social media. Users can now buy directly on some platforms, such as Pinterest, while others are continuing to grow in helping customers discover new products and research others. A social presence has long been important, but 2020 could be the year that a social prescience isn’t enough, but social shopping drives growth.

Following retail trends can help small businesses look for new ways to grow and spark ideas for how to better reach customers. From speed and experience, to subscriptions and social shopping, there’s likely a trend that could help your business grow.

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Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks with these 5 Password Tips

Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks with these 5 Password Tips

Does your business password contain any word from the dictionary or a sequence of numbers that means something to you? A majority of cyber attacks are the result of passwords that have either been compromised or were just too weak to begin with. One study even estimated as many as 67 percent of businesses were using compromised passwords.

Will a compromised password allow a hacker access to your bank account or sensitive customer information? Thankfully, a weak password is a simple fix. Here are five ways small businesses can help prevent cyber attacks with password best practices.

Start with a strong password.

The easiest way to prevent a compromised password is to create an off-the-wall password without a recognisable phrase or set of numbers in it. If the password is going to be hard for you to remember, it’s going to be hard for hackers to guess the password. Don’t use any word that you can find in the dictionary and stay away from number sequences that mean something to you — like a birthday or address. Avoid using the same password for multiple log-ins.

Consider a password manager.

Worried you won’t be able to remember that random jumble of letters and numbers, with a different random jumble for each account? The Australian Cyber Security Centre suggests businesses look into password manager systems. With these systems, you only need to remember one master password to log-in to the password manager, but each account has a different, randomly generated password. While ideal for many, you’d need to protect that master password, including not sharing that information with employees.

Take advantage of features like two-factor authentication.

Every platform is a bit different in the tools that they offer to protect your accounts, but a common option is two-factor authentication. This option requires an extra password, usually sent to your smartphone via text, whenever you log in to a new device. If your password is stolen, the hacker will have trouble logging in on a different computer without also gaining access to your smartphone.

Work with your employees.

Maybe you’ve always had great, hard-to-guess password — but it just takes one employee using password123 for your business to be compromised. Teach your employees the same best practices for passwords, if they set their own passwords. On shared accounts, share the password on a physical piece of paper rather than electronically, if possible.

Consider a dark web monitoring service.

Many hacks involve more than just one hacker — passwords are commonly sold on the dark web, or sites hidden from search engines. That opens businesses up to multiple hacks from across the globe. Some services will monitor the dark web for you, offering a quick heads up when your data is up for grabs.

If your password is compromised, hackers could access anything from banking to your customer’s data. Simple password tips can help prevent a cyber attack.

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