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5 Ideas to Increase Foot traffic at Your Stor

5 Ideas to Increase Foot traffic at Your Store

Foot traffic increases sales for small businesses — and now, more than ever, foot traffic is increasingly important. Besides ensuring customer safety, how can small businesses encourage more customers to come through those doors? Here are five ideas.

Inspire loyalty with a rewards program.

Loyalty programs help keep customers returning to your store instead of a competitor. Thanks to technology, loyalty programs can also be data-driven, sending your loyal customers coupons for the items they are most likely to shop for or on days when they are most likely to shop. Research different loyalty program providers to see if a program would be a good fit for your business.

Try coupons that require return visits.

Coupons can be great tools for getting more customers through your doors, but some coupons can get them through your doors twice. A coupon such as spend $20, get $5 off your next purchase will have customers returning to use that second coupon. Be sure to set an expiration date on that discount, and don’t hide the fact that the discount applies to the next order in the small print, or you’ll give potential life-long customers a bad taste of your business on their first visit.

Create a catchy window display.

You could increase your foot traffic and encourage customers to walk through your door simply by what you place in your window. Brainstorm catchy themes or funny motifs for your storefront that would allow you to display your product. Displaying a major sale item in the window is also a great idea. Don’t have a good window or want to draw attention even from further away? Try a sidewalk sale, which is also a great way to get rid of clearance items.

Build a display off-site.

Window displays only work for people who are already walking by your store. To bring in even more customers, consider building a display that’s off-site. Consider renting display space at the local mall, or trading spaces with another business in a cross-promotion. Renting a booth at a local event is another way to grab the attention of people that wouldn’t typically walk past your window.

Support local and share online.

Many customers go out of their way to support a local business. Be sure to include in your inventory locally sourced products. That won’t do much, however, if customers don’t know about those local items.  Use your social media channels to advertise the fact that you have local products to people in your area — use the social media platform’s tools to limit the audience by location.

Increasing foot traffic at your store often requires more creativity than cash — which means it’s a great way for small businesses to grow without a big budget for advertising.

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