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5 Trendy Custom Products For Printers in 2018

5 Trendy Custom Products For Printers in 2018

Thanks to technology like dye-sublimation and the internet, personalized products are both easy to find and on trend. Products with a personal touch — whether that’s a name, a photo or a business logo — are gaining in popularity. And print shops can grow their bottom line by jumping on the personalization trend. But what products should be added to that list, and what custom items are duds? Here are some of the trendiest custom products to offer in 2018 for businesses with access to dye-sublimation printers.

Mix the completely custom with local flair.

Products don’t necessarily have to be 100 percent custom to sell well — products catered to your region that are pre-designed can also do well. For example, photographers can sell a line of products featuring a landscape photo of a popular scene. Print studios can create items promoting a local sports team that’s harder to find than the national teams. Other popular options include products that use the outline of the state or country where your business is as well as other designs and saying with local flair. Along with offering these products directly from your business, you could also reach out to gift shops to sell those items with a local touch.

Create custom pillows and other fabric-based home decor.

While decor has always been a popular category for customizing, photographers and printing shops don’t have to stick with just the traditional wall art. Pillows are now easy to custom with a unique graphic or even a photograph. Sublimation printers make printing on pillowcases affordable, while for customers, the custom aspect is an unexpected way to spruce up decor. Other popular options include custom blankets. Sublimation printing can also add a twist to the traditional monogrammed hand towels as well as tea towels.

Decorate with yard flags.

Why not take that custom decor trend outdoors? Yard flags are popular particularly when customized to the area or even to say the family’s name. Local sports teams and other graphics that show local pride are on trend in 2018 and offer a unique aspect that customer’s can’t find just anywhere.

Toss it in a bag or add it to a t-shirt.

Wearables were one of Etsy’s top selling products last year — suggesting customers are looking for custom items they can add to their wardrobe. The best way to do this is to capitalize on local flair, such as designing a t-shirt with the state outline and name, or with a trendy phrase or image that’s growing in popularity, like quoting a new movie or noticing everyone in the area is going crazy for mermaids and creating a line inspired by that trend. Think about apparel items that work well with a printer, like t-shirts and tote bags.

Don’t forget the youngsters.

Kids have always loved custom products, but customization now goes well beyond those pre-made pencils with their names on them in gift shops. Offering customized products for kids is a great way for print shops to expand their lineup. Print custom onsies, for example, or the very popular birthday t-shirts following the youngster’s party theme. Diaper bags and custom blankets are all good options as well.

Dye-sublimation printers make it possible for printers to expand their list of options — and choosing popular products help grow profits too.