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Going small could be better business for you.

Why going small could mean much better business for you.

When it comes to selecting and buying minilab equipment current thinking is that one big machine that can satisfy your quality, capacity and speed objectives is best, but we all know this idea has some serious weaknesses and cost consequences.

For example if you take the issue of capacity what if 700 prints isn’t enough for your business? Your next step is a 1400 print solution, then a move to 2100 – with big capital investments at each step. Consider too that if each unit of 700 prints is say $30K, you’ll end up spending $30k, $60K and then $90K respectively to get what you need and that’s before taking into account maintenance costs.

At Photo Direct we’ve evaluated the new paradigm being adopted by Dai Nippon and believe it makes a lot of sense. Their approach is founded on many smaller printers being set up to load balance as much capacity as you need. Here’s the business case.

Let’s say each Dai Nippon unit has a capacity of 200 prints per hour (PPH) and costs $1200.

As such an 800 PPH solution would be $4800, 1200 PPH would be $9600 and 2200 PPH would cost you $12000. Even if you were to add in some enlargement and duplex capability, the print output cost would still be below $20,000 for even the biggest of retail sites with more capability and flexibility than before.

Then there is the benefit of a cost reduction to your service bills and if a unit does break down or needs replacing you don’t have to stop printing. Also the required technical skill level to operate this new paradigm is very low because if you or your staff can use a home printer you can easily manage these DNP units.

So as a business model why wouldn’t you reduce capex and pocket the savings or better still deploy the money into the critical areas of delivering a better experience to your customers and marketing your store? If this new approach resonates with you why not talk to one of our sales people today.

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