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Hey, photo businesses - are you following the newest marketing musts?

Hey, photo businesses – are you following the newest marketing musts?

Business owners and marketing experts know that marketing is typically divided into four categories: Product, place, price and promotion. While those categories aren’t going anywhere, the business world has changed drastically in the last decade and following those traditional marketing categories may leave out some modern but essential considerations. Inside Retail Australia suggests there are two more Ps to consider: page and performance.

But what do the new marketing categories mean for photo-focused businesses? Photo Direct breaks down what those new categories mean for print shops, photographers and other photo-based businesses.


Page is all about ensuring that a business’s web page is working to drive the right customers to make a purchase. While companies selling a physical product try to convey a sense of what the product looks and feels like, what about photos? Print products should be accurately described both in text and, well, digital images of the printed photos. Allowing customers to leave reviews for others to read is also a positive for webpages.

Page, however, is also about the user experience. Is it easy for potential customers to find the information they are looking for? Is ordering online simple and straight-forward, or confusing and time-consuming? Webpages should make ordering photos online, or finding information about a brick and mortar location, simpler, not more stressful.

One more thing to consider under page (and all the other categories as well): brand. Does your webpage reflect your brand? If your brand is a luxury, high-end artisan print shop, make sure your webpage has a luxurious design and not the bright, clunky colours of a drug store with a photo print service.


That page, however, means nothing if customers can’t find it. The last new P for marketing covers performance, or the part of the web pages that are difficult to see but play a huge role in driving new sales.

Is your website search engine optimised? Can potential customers easily find your webpage? Do your social media accounts drive traffic to your website or store? If not, it may be time to get an SEO audit of your website to determine what to improve and how to best drive additional performance.

Performance also means seamless integration between the in-store experience and the online one. Having the right online ordering system is a key consideration for performance for photo-based businesses.

Today, businesses need to do more than ever to stay relevant.  Along with product, place, price and promotion, page and performance are essential to consider too. For photo-based businesses, creating relevant, well-made webpages that are easily searched and offering a simple online ordering platform play a big role in the business overall.

Not sure where to start? Contact Photo Direct’s customer service and let us share examples of successful photo businesses who have reaped the benefits of expansion. Let us work with you to ensure you are offering all the right products and services for growth. Ask us as you will be amazed what other opportunities we have ready for you now to add to your business mix. Call 03 9894 1644 for more details today.