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How’s your marketing know-how?

It’s probably been a while since you did a refresher course on your basic marketing knowledge. Try your hand at these three classic questions and see how you rate by clicking on the read more link to check your answers.

1) Generally a consumer’s purchase decision is to buy the most preferred brand, but two factors can impact purchase intention and purchase decision. Which is one of these factors?

A) post-purchase behaviour

B) attitude of others

C) alternative evaluation

D) new product adoption


2) A strategy focused on generating more sales from existing customers without changing a company’s products is called:

A) product development

B) market development

C) market attractiveness

D) market penetration


3) Which of the following is most essential to any definition of marketing?

A) making a profit

B) customer relationships

C) demand management

D) making a sale

The correct answers to the pop quiz are:

Q1 = B

Q2 = D

Q3 = B