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Increase your share of Display Products

Increase your share of the Display Products category

As the category of Display Products continues to grow in size and value it’s important to maintain your position as the go-to-place for consumers in your local market.

Having a prominent and eye-catching display of the various styles of display products at the front of your photo store or print shop reinforces your reputation and helps add valuable dollars to your sales of unframed prints or canvases.

By using a simple before and after demonstration it’s easy to up-sell a customer from an unframed print to one that fits neatly inside a floating frame that as a result, looks ten times better on the wall.

Mums, Dads, selfie addicts and small business owners have very little idea of the variety and affordability of all the types and styles of display products now available so make sure you take advantage of this marketing gap by informing, educating and helping your customers to get the best display results possible from their favourite images.

For example, cafe-owners who place an emphasis on their interior design represent a huge opportunity in their own special way. Often they’re looking to fill a wall or two of their cafe with colourful and different images. The largest number of prints we saw in a recent cafe survey was 60 – and every single print was framed.  Wherever there’s one cafe there’s bound to be two or three more – now that’s an opportunity not to be missed!

See our range of Display Products here or if you’d like free advice on marketing your range of display products simply email Peter.