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Make more money this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time to get your sales plan in place with a bundle of ideas like these.

At Photo Direct we’ve got everything you need to delight your customers and make more money this Mother’s Day. All you have to do is order your stock and start promoting products like these either in-store or in your online marketing.

Just in time for Mothers Day we’ve recently added two new GOframe items – a starter kit and a combi kit. These kits are perfect for making your customers’ canvas images really stand out from the crowd. You can easily create squares, portraits and panoramic landscapes in a matter of minutes simply by combining just a few different lengths. The GOframe Starter kits contain 4 bars each of 8″, 12″ 16″, 20″ plus corners while the GOframe Combi kit contains 8 bars each of 8″, 12″ 16″, 20″ plus corners. Learn more about GOframe and watch our video now.

And as always we have a great range of quality canvas including DGI and HP media to meet your Mother’s Day needs. Suitable for all types of printers and output requirements you can check out our comprehensive range of canvas and supplies here.

Photo books are another great idea to promote and make more money this Mother’s Day. Photo books make the perfect Mother’s Day gift and as we’re no longer restricted to HP-specific sizes such as 8.5×11” photo books, we have sourced the same fabulously easy, pinch books in a range of new sizes. You can now order 6×8, 8×8, 8×10 and 8×12” books with windows.

Travel Mugs are always popular especially amongst children who love to get Mum a personalised gift at a bargain price. Travel Mugs match the brief as kids can customise their gift simply by popping a favourite image of Mum onto the mug. The mugs are durable, eye-catching and easy to promote. Why not make a special display, promoting this timeless product and make more money this Mother’s Day.

Finally don’t forget our range of Adventa Display products. They are the ultimate contemporary frame and make for the perfect instant photo gift. Adventa products can be displayed in portrait or landscape, have a prestigious and quality feel to them and are constructed in 4mm thick, toughened glass. Check the range by clicking here.

Make more money this Mother’s Day

Time is running out to take advantage of this important, sales and marketing event on the retail calendar so make your store the place to go by promoting a bundle of great ideas now. And for any marketing help simply contact us today.

Photo by GotCredit