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Noticed the paradigm shift in minilab equipment?

No matter which sector of the image printing industry you compete in there’s an interesting shift taking place.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that consumer behaviour in our industry is driven by constant improvements in technology. Consumers are now engaged in capturing, creating, managing and producing printed solutions from their images in never before seen ways. Research supports the examples we see of this in camera, photo specialist, framing and print shops across Australia and New Zealand.

Likewise you don’t have to be a management guru to realise that sustaining a profitable and growing business in our industry is not a “set and forget” concept. Once again research shows the successful businesses in our industry are those who constantly re-invent the 7Ps of their marketing mix in order to keep increasing their brand and customer satisfaction reputation.

Caught between these two dynamics is of course your print production engine and the ongoing investment you put into it. Typically business owners in our industry have opted for a single high capacity printer that’s invariably an expensive Capex decision, relatively complex to operate or service and when it breaks down you are essentially out of business until a qualified technician arrives to fix it.

And it’s here that the paradigm shift is taking place as more and more industry executives ask the question if one BIG machine is really the best option for 2015 and beyond?

At Photo Direct we believe the answer is no and next week we’ll share why we’re leading the charge – with DNP – into the brave new world of small is better!  Meantime if you want to have a peak at what a DNP solution could mean for your business click here.