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Now available – the New Album View from LifePics

The new album view is here! Check out the new look, unique features and fast, easy way to access your photos.

Gallery view of your album photos

A new slide panel feature for easy and quick ways to:

  • Create, delete, rename or move an album
  • Display album names and the number of photos within that album



Improved User Interface

Click on an individual photo from an album and the user can:

  • Zoom
  • Edit
  • Add to Cart



New Toolbar

A new toolbar for the album is located above the photos of an album. This gives the user an easier way to:

  • Select one or more images
  • Share an entire album via email or Blog
  • Make a single image for the album cover
  • Delete one or more images in the album



Advanced Social Media Integration

LifePics introduces photo-sync directly to social media:

  • When the user selects a social media icon, for example Facebook, the user will be prompted to login to Facebook.
  • Once connected to Facebook, the user will have access to their own Facebook pictures.
  • Service requests access upon login.



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