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How to Replace Your Old Printer Without Going Broke With A Trade-In

How to Replace Your Old Printer With A Trade-In (Without Going Broke!)

The bigger the wide format printer, the bigger the expense — but upgrading to the latest wide format printer might not be as expensive as you think. HP is currently offering a trade-in program for DesignJet wide format printers. And the best part? The printer you trade-in doesn’t have to be HP and pick-up can be included. Here’s how it works.

To see how much your old printer is worth, there’s just a few simple steps. Before you start, you’ll need the manufacturer, model number and measurements, including the weight of the equipment you would like to trade in. You’ll also need the company ABN number, payment details for an online bank transfer and a valid email address. And to get started, you need the model name of the printer you’d like to get. If that sounds a bit daunting, Photo Direct can help you determine just what information you need.

First, you need to register with the trade-in program, where you’ll get an estimate. Next, you need to write in and get an official quote, which takes around 7 business days until the quote is returned. Once the quote is approved, you can then purchase the new printer and accept the quote. For this part, you’ll need the invoice, serial number and reseller details for the new equipment.

After sharing the pick-up address for the trade-in, filling out banking information for the return and sending a copy of the tax receipt, HP will complete the trade-in.

Not sure exactly what printer you’d like to upgrade to? Photo Direct staff are always happy to help photographers and other small businesses choose the best wide format printer for the needs of their particular work. From the volume of the prints to the cost of the supplies, we can help you determine which option will best suit your needs. As an HP-authorised dealer, we can help you understand the trade-in process too. HP is offering a number of excellent printers as part of the trade-in, including photo printers, multifunction printers and production printers.

HP’s trade-in offer is good through April 30 – contact us today to get started with your trade-in discount!