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Lifepics Announce Six New Slideshows For Consumers

Lifepics recently released six creative new slideshows for consumers to use. The new slideshows include Wall 3D, Thumbnail Slide, Stack Album, Simple Scale, Pan & Zoom and Simple Thumbnail views. The slideshow views are much more appealing than Lifepics previous slideshow feature and provide consumers a fun and unique way of viewing photos stored online.
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Retailers benefit from another Lifepics innovation – the WidePhotoViewer iPhone and iPad App

LifePics has recently released their latest mobile app integration called WidePhotoViewer. Designed for use with iPhone and iPad the WidePhotoViewer application enables customers to view and order photos downloaded from Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug and Dropbox, as well as from their device’s photo library or their LifePics online photo account. Orders are immediately sent to the customer’s chosen store for the retailer to print. Customers can then pick up their order whenever they are ready and pay for it in person.

Steuart Meers from Photo Direct says they are excited about this innovation as it is LifePics second app in the iPhone and iPad App Store and because it caters to a different user base than the LifePics for iPhone ordering app.
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Facebook Ordering App now live on Lifepics

The team at Lifepics continues their string of service innovations with the latest announcement focused on the release of a Facebook Ordering app.

The app allows Facebook users to print off any of their Facebook photos, including photos they are tagged in, through their favourite Lifepics lab. Although still at the Beta stage the app has been extensively tested over the past month and is proving to be a robust system.  Facebook’s recent announcement that its users can now choose to upload higher resolution photos than the site previously allowed (the new limit of 2048 pixels is up from the previous limit of 720) means new Facebook images can be sufficient to print 8×10 prints which expands the pool of images now available to photo finishers.
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