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4 Unexpected Ways Having an In-House Printer Boosts Photography

4 Unexpected Ways Having an In-House Printer Boosts Photography

The decision to move photo printing in-house comes with several different expectations. Costs will be lower. Speed will improve. But along with the advantages of in-house printing that spark that decision in the first place, many photographers find themselves finding unexpected advantages to have quick access to that printer. Elke Vogelsang, a pet photographer from Germany, recently shared her experience using Fotospeed papers — and the unexpected perks she’s picked up along the way.

Many clients may never print images.

If all you hand over to a client is a disk or USB drive of digital images, they may never take that final step to get those images printed, which means they never see the image as it’s meant to be seen. Vogelsang explains why she includes prints eloquently: “Your client will be gobsmacked by the prints and know the investment was worth it.”

Clients that do print the images may not understand exactly how the paper you choose and the printing company you choose plays a role in the final look and feel of an image. Many non-photographers have trouble understanding just the difference between glossy and matte, let along the different whites, textures and finishes available today.

Find the flaws faster.

An image on screen is much different than the printed image — and having access to a printer on-site can help photographers find, and fix, any flaws faster. Sometimes, it’s a missed spot in Photoshop, or a shot that’s just a touch soft.

“I used to order the prints online, but now I print them here at home on my own printer,” Vogelsang wrote. “This saves time, reveals flaws immediately and gives me the opportunity to choose the right paper for each picture.”

Find the best medium for that shot, quickly.

All paper is not created equally — different types of paper will influence the colour differently and give the image a final feel. Once Vogelsang could easily print out the same shot on different types of paper, she found the medium that worked best with her different styles (and with a test pack, it was an affordable experiment). The pet photographer found she likes the finish of the Natural Soft Textured Bright White 310 for the formal shots because of a finish that resembles a painting. For the colourful, quirky pet shots? PF Lustre or Metallic Gloss.

Stay in love with photography.

For Vogelsang, printing images isn’t just about the convenience or the ability to choose the appropriate finish. “Printing your pictures is a great way not only to improve your photography but also to stay in love with photography,” she says. “In print, pictures have more depth and life than on a screen. The difference can be astonishing.”

Gaining access to an on-site, professional-level printer, on the business side of the decision, is about saving time and money. But on the artistic side of the decision, the change offers more control, a chance to make corrections, and a way to continue to be inspired.

Need help finding the best type of paper for the job? Or ready to add that in-house printer? Chat with a specialist from Photo Direct today.

Make more money with Fotospeed and Photo Direct

Compare the Fotospeed fine art inkjet paper difference

Photo Direct invites specialist photo retailers, pro labs and camera club members attending this year’s Digital Show to discover more about the award-winning, Fotospeed range of new roll media and cut sheet packs.
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NEW Coming Soon Fotospeed Panoramic Packs

Coming soon – new Fotospeed Panoramic Packs for letterbox style images

As you may have read in earlier blogs Photo Direct are now distributing award-winning Fotospeed digital inkjet papers including a Fine Art and Photo range which is chosen for its emulsion performance, feel, weight, longevity and image quality. Demand for Fotospeed rolls has been high so commercial printing businesses, prolabs, pro photographers, photo specialty stores, design studios and even fine-art students will be delighted to learn that Panoramic Test Packs will shortly be available from Photo Direct.

Fotospeed Panoramic Inkjet Paper allows customers to print letterbox style images without needing a roll. Its unique size of 210mm x 594mm means panoramic images can be printed using A4 printers and upwards. If this sounds like the answer to your problems.

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Fotospeed Fine Art Inkjet Papers now available

Photo Direct now stocks a range of Fotospeed award-winning FineArt Inkjet papers in a range of roll sizes including 24″, 36″ and 44″. All are 100% Acid Free, making them ideal for Giclee printing and all perform perfectly with Dye or Pigment Inks to give vibrant images on any of the papers. As with all Fotospeed papers, custom built and generic ICC profiles are available free of charge to customers.

Fotospeed was established in 1989 with the intention of manufacturing and distributing the highest quality darkroom photo chemistry and paper with customer service second to none. Today Fotospeed still leads the market in darkroom and has added the very best in digital paper, inks, software and hardware to its range.

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