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New Product Announcement HP Z2600 & HP Z5600 Printers

Photo Direct are pleased to announce that HP Inc. today expanded its proven HP DesignJet Z-series portfolio of high-impact graphics printers with a 44-inch multi-roll printer and the company’s most affordable 24-inch high-impact graphics printer. The HP DesignJet Z5600 and Z2600 PostScript Printers come with a six-ink printing system, which helps users cut costs by reducing ink consumption, while still ensuring crisp colors. These devices, designed for copy shops, retailers and corporations, specifically GIS departments, newly offer HP chromatic red ink which enhances the color gamut, ideal for high-impact point of purchase (POP) signs and posters.

z2600 z5600

HP’s most affordable 24-inch high-impact graphics printer

HP’s most affordable 24-inch graphics printer, the new HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript Printer saves up to 20 percent ink consumption using HP’s optimized six-ink printing system.6 With its radically simple, intuitive operation, no training is needed to use this compact printer, sized to fit any work space. Additionally, HP Vivid Photo Inks, including chromatic red ink, deliver high-impact images that leave a lasting impression.

Quick and efficient high-impact graphics printing

The 44-inch, automatic multi-roll HP DesignJet Z5600 PostScript Printer boosts media loading efficiency up to 75 percent3 and users can print up to 39 percent faster4 with quick-drying HP inks. For creating high-impact graphics, the pigment-based HP Vivid Photo inks are water and fade-resistant for maps and technical drawings that can last up to 200 years.5


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Product Description
HP DesignJet Z5600 PostScript inter

Quick and efficient high-impact graphics printing


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The HP DesignJet Z5600 44-inch PostScript Printer produces vivid, eye-catching graphics and technical documents with HP chromatic red ink. With a 6-ink printing system that optimises operating costs, the pigment-based HP Vivid Photo inks are water and fade-resistant for graphics, maps and technical drawings to last up to 200 years.


The multi-roll operation and flexible workflows enable productivity and express printing for users.


HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript Printer

HP’s most affordable 24-inch high-impact graphics printer


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The new 24-inch HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript Printer is a radically simple and intuitive 6-ink device that delivers impressive results for both graphics and technical documents.


The printer includes HP chromatic red ink which is ideal for high-impact images, and reliable color and line accuracy for technical documents. It’s compactness allows it to be sized to fit more workspace.



HP DesignJet Click

Easy one-click printing to offer a simple printing experience for all HP Z series printers


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Free software for all HP Z series printers to optimise time and simplify printing by enabling radically simple, one-click printing for all PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and HP-GL/2 files from a PC or Mac to the HP DesignJet Z-series printers.


The software helps cut media costs with features like nesting and file error warnings, and users can now be more productive with real-time previews, along with driverless and multipage/multi-file PDF printing of posters, roll-up banners, CAD drawings, maps, and info-graphic presentations.


Promoting your print business


Promoting your print business becomes an essential element of your success as your print business increasingly specialises across a number of narrow product lines using advanced production techniques.
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Offer customers a trendy option with face mounting prints on acrylic

One of the latest trends in Interior Design is the use of acrylic panels around the home or workplace. Grow your photo framing, photo specialty or pro photography business on the back of this trend with an HP DesignJet Z series printer. Selling finished applications like face mounting prints is a breeze using common tools and some helpful tips from HP. Click here to learn more.

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Open up a wide range of new business streams with Fine Art Canvas Prints and an HP DesignJet Z3200 Printer

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Security Features on the HP Designjet Printer range

The document highlighted below is aimed at providing an overview of the security features supported by HP Designjet printers as of February 2012.

The security features described in this document make the HP Designjet printer series particularly well suited to being deployed into environments where network, data, access control, and security are important.

HP Designjet Printer Series Security Features