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The advantages of a DNP dye-sub solution


For many photo retailers there’s still a psychological barrier to purchasing a DNP dye-sub solution but things have changed and dye-sub has truly come of age.

If you had any doubts about the advantages of a DNP dye-sub solution for your photo retail or event photography business perhaps it’s time to reconsider. Recently the PMA featured an interview with the marketing director of DNP in the United States and it made for very interesting listening. Here’s the highlights, plus some other information that highlights the advantages of a DNP dye-sub solution.

DNP Japan, has always had a printing focus and today operates in the retail and event sectors where surprisingly they are seeing strong growth in spite of lower print volumes in the overall category.

DNP purchased its dye-sub business from Sony back in 2009 and since then has maintained a unique strategy of delivering what the end-consumer wants – “instant, dry and now.”

Enjoying a bigger slice of a smaller pie, the advantages of a DNP dye-sub solution for photo retail or event photography businesses is now becoming more evident although DNP recognises there’s still work to be done by the company and its growing network of worldwide, commercial customers.

Consumer education is a key factor over the next 5years, especially amongst the GEN Y and X markets who don’t understand how easy it is to take their images from “the cloud” and using any of the widening range of capture devices (think watches and glasses) easily print them on a DNP solution.

So although consumers may be printing less of all those images they have up in the cloud, DNP will focus on the emotional value of printing their important and treasured images. As such over the next 5 years one of the key tactics for DNP will be to promote the consumer advantages of “instant, dry and now” and continue its commitment to delivering quality images into the hands of consumers.

The advantages of a DNP dye-sub solution for your business

From a trade perspective, DNP is totally committed to focusing on better solutions for photo retail or event photography businesses of all shapes and sizes. The current range of DNP equipment and Diland software reflects this and should consumer wants change at any time then DNP will adapt its trade offering to meet that demand.

Apart from key advantages like reliability and support or ensuring that the output exactly matches the quality on the input device, a DNP solution also offers photo retail or event photo businesses:

  • Minimal capital investment in equipment
  • The best consumer experience possible
  • Reductions in the overall cost of supplies
  • Improved margins
  • Easy introduction of new products without requirement for more capex
  • Reduced complexity of operational issues for staff
  • Reduced lab footprint
  • Major advances in the life of the thermal print head
  • Fixed printing costs
  • No nozzles to clog or clean
  • True continuous tone (no dot structure)
  • Fast (an 8×10 in under 90 seconds)
  • Permanence equivalent to conventional photos
  • Prints have a conventional silver halide look
  • Smaller, lighter, faster, reliable solutions
  • Service-ability, cost of service and ease of service delivery
  • Facilitation of online sales growth and mobile technology
  • Adaptability to rapidly changing developments in consumer shopping behaviour.

Pro photographers have accepted and used advantages like these to keep their customers satisfied for years so perhaps the time has come for dismissing all the out-dated thinking about a DNP dye-sub solution for your business.

There is still a lot of money to be made from quality prints in our industry, even at a small event photographer level, so learn more now about the advantages of a DNP dye-sub solution for your business. Listen to this insightful PMA podcast or simply contact us for more information.