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Two Important Updates for Photo Finale Customers

Photo Finale customers will be happy to learn that the issue introduced by Apple’s Mac OS and Safari updates has been fixed in Photo Finale version 9.7  This version includes a brand new HTML-based uploader for Safari 6.1 and 7.0 on Mac OS X. The new uploader features multiple simultaneous uploads, client-based resizing for express uploads, and drag & drop support. Non-Safari users will not see any change to the uploader.

Customers are also reminded that as the next version of Photo Finale has been implemented they should now be sure to update their Lab 50 with the new Folio Server. Folio Server is a piece of Lab 50 Photo Finale have broken out as a separately-updatable piece for this important update. This Folio Server update provides 3 important fixes:

  • Fixes any photo positioning issues.
  • Fixes problems with display and/or rendering of foreign characters in user-inputted text.
  • Adds support for some NEW FONTS that have been added to each customer’s website.