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Do the right thing with eco-friendly Gallerie Wraps

If you’d prefer an environmentally-friendly solution the next time you need a Gallery Wrap for one of your customers be sure to choose products from our extensive range. Our stretcher bars use basswood harvested from rich, abundant Canadian forests using only sustainable practices. For example using thin sticks results in a lot more yield from each board of wood harvested so our bars use less than half the wood to achieve the same look, resulting in less trees being cut. Also the mills that supply the basswood are FSC approved with all wood-dust and shavings being recycled.
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Two Important Updates for Photo Finale Customers

Photo Finale customers will be happy to learn that the issue introduced by Apple’s Mac OS and Safari updates has been fixed in Photo Finale version 9.7  This version includes a brand new HTML-based uploader for Safari 6.1 and 7.0 on Mac OS X. The new uploader features multiple simultaneous uploads, client-based resizing for express uploads, and drag & drop support. Non-Safari users will not see any change to the uploader.

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