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How’s your marketing know-how?

It’s probably been a while since you did a refresher course on your basic marketing knowledge. Try your hand at these three classic questions and see how you rate by clicking on the read more link to check your answers.

1) Generally a consumer’s purchase decision is to buy the most preferred brand, but two factors can impact purchase intention and purchase decision. Which is one of these factors?

A) post-purchase behaviour

B) attitude of others

C) alternative evaluation

D) new product adoption


2) A strategy focused on generating more sales from existing customers without changing a company’s products is called:

A) product development

B) market development

C) market attractiveness

D) market penetration


3) Which of the following is most essential to any definition of marketing?

A) making a profit

B) customer relationships

C) demand management

D) making a sale

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The LifePics Omni Channel Solution is now live

LifePics is making major strides in becoming the market leader in the photo print and gifting industry with its Omni Channel solution featuring an integrated on-line, mobile and kiosk platform. Over the past two months LifePics’ kiosk solution has been rigorously field-tested in high volume retail stores. In upcoming weeks, the company will announce its go-to-market strategy and how retailers can participate in this exciting retail channel solution. Meantime LifePics continues to make major investments in its mobile app solution and SDK development. For more information on the upcoming release of the LifePics configurator contact us.

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Importing ICC Files to your Z5400

Precise and reliable colour management requires accurate ICC-compliant profiles of all your devices especially your printer. While the process of importing files for an HP Z5400 involves just six simple steps we’d like to remind customers we can help you avoid unnecessary, time-wasting and potentially damaging “corrections” to an already satisfactory image. For more information or help simply call us on 03 9894 1644 or speak to any of our sales team.

Fotospeed Fine Art Inkjet Papers now available

Photo Direct now stocks a range of Fotospeed award-winning FineArt Inkjet papers in a range of roll sizes including 24″, 36″ and 44″. All are 100% Acid Free, making them ideal for Giclee printing and all perform perfectly with Dye or Pigment Inks to give vibrant images on any of the papers. As with all Fotospeed papers, custom built and generic ICC profiles are available free of charge to customers.

Fotospeed was established in 1989 with the intention of manufacturing and distributing the highest quality darkroom photo chemistry and paper with customer service second to none. Today Fotospeed still leads the market in darkroom and has added the very best in digital paper, inks, software and hardware to its range.

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Meet the new T795 e-Printer from HP

If you run a business with customers who demand high quality print work and you or your team is constantly on the move you should take a closer look at HP’s new T795 e-Printer. It’s the perfect web-connected, 44” e-Printer for small and medium work groups in the architectural, engineering, graphic design and government sectors.

The T795 delivers high quality, rapid results each and every time. Plus you can access projects whenever you’re away from your studio or office with the added benefit that you can virtually print from anywhere using your Apple® or Android™ smartphone or tablet.


Review data sheet here HP Designjet T795