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Special Offer on a DS40/DS80 Printer Travel Case

Special Offer on a DS40/DS80 Printer Travel Case

It was Valentines Day this month so why not treat your DS40 or DS80 printer to a new case!!

This special offer is for a brand new travel case to hold your favourite DS40 or DS80 Printer. This case is super strong and will protect your most precious printer when transporting it all over town. Your printer works hard to provide an income for you so isn’t it worth some protection?

Special Price $199 + gst
Free shipping within Australia

Be super quick to grab this bargain, only available while stocks last.

Phone 1300 364 817 or email us here.

Wrap a Canvas in 5 minutes, now 35% off Starter Kits.

Wrap a Canvas in 5 minutes, now 35% off Starter Kits.

Save over 35% on your Starter Kit only $195 +gst.
Over $300 in value!!

Canvases made easier and quicker than you might think! Add amazing value to your business. No Staple Guns required.

Watch a short video here to see just how easy it is.

Starter Kit Includes:

  • Gallerie Wrap Corner Set, Glue,
  • Pro Cutting Tool plus spare Blades
  • 5 packs of Gallerie Wrap bars* (1 each 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″)
  • Enough bars to make 10 Gallerie Wrap canvas frames

Gallerie Wrap bars are available in different lengths ranging from 8” to 60”, packed in boxes of 8 bars. Perfect for medium and large format printers. Stretcher bar provides a depth of 1 ½”.

To order call 1300 364 825 or email here.

*IG Wrap canvas stretcher bars are made from the best grades of North American basswood. This is the wood of choice for most museum quality stretcher bars due to its stability, low resin and lignin content. We only support sawmills that use sustainable forestry practices.

Terms and conditions:
While Stocks Last, order as many kits as you like.
Offer valid until 15th March 2019


Free Samples: Are They Good or Bad For Your Business?

Free Samples: Are They Good or Bad For Your Business?

As the old saying goes, nothing in life is free. But offering free samples is a long-time strategy that businesses have used to try to persuade customers to try a new product. Free samples can encourage customers to try a different product or upgrade their usual order. But how do free samples fit in to online sales? Are free samples good or bad for business? Here’s what small business owners need to consider.

Free samples can encourage customers to try new products next time.

Sending a free sample with an existing order can be a good way to try to encourage customers to buy a different or more expensive product with their next order. Just like free food samples in the grocery store, samples are a good way to encourage customers to try new things. Print shops for example, can send a colour corrected free print to encourage a customer to add colour correction to their next order. Other add-ons like paper upgrades can also be sent as free samples.

Samples can be considered wasteful.

The problem with free samples in online orders is that customers don’t have a chance to say no. The customer may not be interested and the product may go right in the trash, which is wasteful both financially and for the environment. Instead, businesses could to give customers a checkmark box that allows them to choose if they’d like the free sample or free upgrade. Another option is to offer a coupon for a free upgrade for first-time customers, ensuring the customer actually wants that upgrade while encouraging them to upgrade their next order at full price.

What samples do you give out to which customers?

Large businesses are using artificial intelligence to look at things like past purchases when determining what free sample to send. That may not be an option for small businesses — and can leave customers feeling like their privacy was violated. Perhaps a better option is to keep it to a small list of different free samples and to send only based on the current order, in other words be selective and strategic in your approach.

Free samples can be expensive.

While individual samples may not cost very much, in the long run, samples can add to a businesses’ bottom line. Businesses need to monitor sales performance before and after giving out samples to make sure that continuing to give out free samples still fits with the best interests of the company. If sales skyrocket after free samples, great, but if they don’t, cut back to keep the costs from piling up.

Free samples can be a great way for your business to encourage customers to try new or upgraded products. But, you should consider several different factors to make sure the sales tool is the right move before shipping out products for free.

Turning Trash in to Art - Hp Recycled Satin Canvas

Turning Trash in to Art – Hp Recycled Satin Canvas

HP is leading the way to reduce the impact on the environment by designing products that are manufactured, used and recovered in a more sustainable way. Introducing the new HP Recycled Satin Canvas, a printable canvas made 100% from recycled water bottles!

Achieve an artistic look and feel for photo enlargements, reproductions, and retail and hospitality decor. Produce outstanding image quality and precise colours on this bright white, slightly textured, satin-finish canvas. HP Recycled Satin Canvas produces durable canvas wraps that resist edge-cracking.

Meet environmental goals with this REACH compliant canvas made with yarn from 100% recycled water bottles. Recycling beverage containers (and other materials) saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and diverts material from landfills.

Between five million and 13 million tons of plastic is leaking into the ocean every year, and 91% of plastic waste is never recycled. In this time of heightened social awareness, consumers want products that contribute to their overall efforts for environmental sustainability. HP Recycled Satin Canvas produces outstanding image quality along with environmental assurance.

HP Recycled Satin Canvas was awarded 2018 SGIA Product of the Year by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, one of the print industry’s most prestigious awards.

Be the first to use this new innovative canvas, call Photo Direct now for more information on 1300 364 817 or email

Weather Resistant Media for Aqueous Large-Format Printers

Weather Resistant Media for Aqueous Large-Format Printers

Create weather resistant vibrant, colourful banners and posters for outdoor use on aqueous devices.

In recognition of the importance of a long-lasting vibrant image, Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions, has announced two new media options for their imagePROGRAF Large-format printers: Canon Water Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl (330gsm & 290gsm) and Canon Water Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl (480gsm), both designed to withstand most weather elements for up to six months without lamination.

Ideal for banners, posters and signage, these media types can find a home in a variety of different markets, including construction, beverage, education and retail. An exciting aspect of these new media types is their ability to be used in conjunction with aqueous imagePROGRAF printers, helping users produce bold colourful output for their outdoor displays.

Key features of the new media:

Created for Aqueous Inkjet Technology

Lending themselves well to Canon Large-format printers that utilize aqueous inkjet technology, Canon’s new media offers the ability to produce vibrant applications through environmentally friendly technology. With an expanded colour range and durable quality, users will notice the ability to print colour posters without the fumes and orders associated with Solvent ink technology – making it a logical fit for schools and education environments.

Increased Weather Resistance

Both new media types are designed to enable lasting image quality and resistance to fading that is commonly seen in outdoor applications. Tests conducted by Canon Inc. have shown that both types of media are capable of lasting up to six months of outdoor use without the need to laminate the output. When compared to regular media, the image has already faded and is almost non-existent by that point.

Canon Technology Built-in

These new media offerings feature a unique durable ink-receiving layer that sits on top of the base material, helping to protect absorbed ink from running when exposed. This layer helps provide resistance to ultraviolet photo degradation – a critical component for outdoor applications exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. Canon’s water-resistant media contains a binder with low water solubility over the base material to help protect the ink-receiving layer, which is not found in conventional media – in turn causing the ink-receiving layer to dissolve in water.

Improved Adhesive Backing

The Water Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl (330gsm & 290gsm) features a peel away back to allow for easy application and repositioning. Air release grooves provides the ability to smooth out air bubbles when hanging directly onto a surface. This media type also features gray adhesive, helping prevent overlapping images when placed over a separate piece of media. The vinyl material easily conforms to curves and depressions, allowing for application on a variety of surfaces.

Improved Banner Application

Canon’s Water-Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl (480gsm) lends itself to outdoor banners, tapestries and long displays, featuring attached grommets for rope or wire hanging. A three-layer base material, consisting of vinyl and polyester on top of another layer of vinyl, provides much needed durability when confronted with certain weather conditions, such as rain and wind.


The Canon Water-Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl (330gsm& 290gsm) and Canon Water Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl (480gsm) are both available in 24, 36, and 42 inches. The Water Resistant Adhesive Matte Vinyl is also available in 54″ and the Water-Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl in 60″.  Both media types are available now.


For more information Phone 1300 364 817

or Email

What is an upsell and how can it boost your business?

What is an upsell and how can it boost your business?

Business and sales go hand-in-hand — but there’s one type of sale that costs less to secure and can significantly boost a business’ bottom line. Upselling means encouraging customers to buy more than they originally planned, often by adding discounted add-ons. But is upselling a good fit for your business? What can upselling mean for your business?

First, upselling requires balance, or businesses can scare off customers with higher prices. Done wrong, an upsell can leave customers feeling like the deal had “strings attached.” But, done well by you or your staff, upselling can boost sales and help turn first-time customers into long-time customers.

Upsells should be discounted products related to the original purchase, suggests entrepreneur Neil Patel. Without the discount or another compelling reason to add the other product or service, customers may just opt to wait since they weren’t planning on buying that item. A discount encourages the customer to add the product now instead of later and can help avoid the “strings attached” feeling.

Keeping the second product or service related to the first is also important and works well with items that are typically needed together or wanted together. A print shop, for example, can also sell custom framing to finish off that print. For a service oriented business, a wedding photographer can offer engagement photos as an add-on or offer discounted anniversary sessions for previous customers.

Some upsells are completed during the purchase — like when you buy from an electronics store and they ask if you’d like to add a warranty. Other businesses approach upsells after the actual sale. For example, an online store can send customers a coupon immediately after their order, with a deadline to use that coupon to add to his or her order before it ships. Emailing customers after the sale with a special offer, related to the item they just purchased, is another form of upselling that can also be successful for many different types of businesses.

Another form of upselling isn’t an odd-on product, but encouraging customers to buy a higher-end product then the one they originally came to the store for. Discounts can help sway customers here too.

Upselling is favoured by businesses because it can help turn customers into long-time fans and boost the bottom line. However, your business needs to approach the upsell appropriately, or customers could be uneasy about even the original intended purpose. With a focus on discounted related products or discounted upgrades, however, your business can successfully create an upsell program that benefits both your customer and your business.

What are you waiting for?  PLAN and implement..